What is wrong with the One World Order?

From a Catholic perspective.

My intuition tells me it is destructive to the world. However admittedly, I am unsure as to why. Any comments, documents, book recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I thought the One World Order was an Evangelical theory?

I’m not sure there is a Catholic response.

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The Great Reset

Depends on who is in charge. If Jesus is in charge, it could work out. If a communist dictator is in charge, not so much. If the politburo is in charge, pure chaos.


You beat me to it. Imagine if Hitler wasn’t just the leader of Germany, but all of Europe or all the world. The best check and balance is division of power.


I’m trying to not get too specific to those (individual and organizations) involved so that his thread can focus on the philosophical concept of a One World Order. But perhaps I am being to obtuse.
I am referring to the work and vision of the World Economic Forum. (I’ll try that for now).

Here are details on the Great Reset:

In short, it calls not for state socialism or free market capitalism but something in between, which is similar to distributism, which is part of Catholic social teaching:

The problem is that the rich, which control most of the same global economy that needs to be re-calibrated, will likely not agree to that because their own wealth and social status are dependent on free-market capitalism, especially earning through financial speculation:

I doubt that the WEF has much room for religion in their world order.

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I don’t know what the Church thinks, but I think a One World Government is simply unworkable over six continents.

It would have to divide to smaller and smaller divisions and then, human nature being what it is, they’d fight.

Maybe it could work for like a year or two, but that’s being generous and assuming all of humanity suddenly became very subdued and docile.


Based on the responses thus far it does not sound as if the Catholic Church is doctrinally against such a thing as a One World Order or One World Government (If I can associate the two this way). My feeling was, it was.

The Church has endured with all sorts of governments for 2,000 years and outlasted them all. But lack of religious liberty would make things difficult.

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C’mon, Jim. How many denominations are there? Even Catholics represent only about 16% of the world’s population. What about the other 84%?

Since Jesus established the Catholic Church, I am not concerned about the others.


I think more to the point, all the others wouldn’t be concerned about you.

Well, they would be concerned with Jesus. And if he were physically present and in charge, it would mean the parousia has arrived, making concerns about world government a moot point.


The only “one world order” that can succeed is the one where Jesus is King.
We are right now in a fallen state where human passions and sins are in charge.
So thinking about ways that we could make it work on our own is a waste of time in my opinion. Or material for sci-fi novels.



What’s wrong with it? Let’s start with the fact that it’s fictitious theoretical conspiracy baloney, and go from there.

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That would be the most charitable interpretation of what is being called for.

The other possibility for what you say is “something in between” sounds very similar to what The People’s Republic of China have right now: a socialist politburo running what ostensibly looks like free market capitalism in terms of wealthy CCP members controlling large corporate entities that submit completely to party control.

In the case of the globalist agenda, it will be big tech, wealthy investors and influential elitists who will collectively form the new global politburo. Why would you suppose they are pushing socialism, censorship and the Great Reset so hard at the moment?

It will be as “similar to distributism” as the anti-Christ is to Cristo Rey. Consolidating wealth and control more like.

For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (Matt 24:24)

Should we expect in a modern age that the “great signs and omens” will be magical or fantasy-like in nature when modern technology appears to promise such great material and scientific potential?

What are we being assured that we will be saved from (by the messiahs?) And how many catastrophic events currently loom on the horizon (great omens) to make us feel si vulnerable that we positively demand saviour-like messiahs.

…great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect…

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How many of the 193 world governments would actually relinquish power?


27 already have…

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