What is wrong with the One World Order?

By all means CAF, ignore centuries of constant conflict culminating in two world wars and pretend that the U.N. and EU were created by scheming Marxist capitalist oligarch anarchists so that by the time their grand kids were alive they could oppress you in some unclear theoretical manner…

Well, the U.S. has reduced its number of land based ICBM’s from 1,000 in the 1960’s down to 400 today, so at least that’s progress. Not sure about Russia. But China is the one I would worry about.

It’s fine if 100% of those involved agree on the best for ALL involved. But what’s gonna be the problem is when one (or more) want to “buck the system” and be in control, have more, decide everything. You will NEVER EVER get everybody “on the same page” 100% of the time. There’s always going to be those who don’t agree and then you have revolts and all other kind of problems. Also government should never ever have complete control over everything and everybody. Not good for anyone. Kills the spirit and the drive of people.

Those who have more should freely help those who have less. That is how it should be. If ALL did that then there would be much less suffering in this world.

Look at the men and women who have tried. Despots each and every one. Inevitably, it leads to gross violations of human dignity, the subjugation of the individual to the state and eventually, a blood bath.

As it turns out, God grants us far more freedom than man does. God does that knowing whether we will use our freedom in a moral or immoral manner. Mankind does not allow such freedom, as mankind rejects both God and freedom, seeking power to assuage their insatiable egos. Interestingly, such despotic leaders always allow themselves tremendous freedom.

What i worry about are the predictions of Scripture which seem to describe the effects of a global nuclear war. Were it not for these, i would not be advocating unilateral nuclear disarmament.

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