What is Wrong with the RSV Catholic Version


I think if more marriages embraced the more explicit instructions on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony as found in Douai there would be less divorce. Just my opinion.





I think that it’s an outstanding translation. Either the 1st edition (if you like the more traditional archaic pronouns) or the 2nd edition.

No translation will ever be perfect. And, no doubt, a better translation will arise. More discoveries are being made all the time. But for me (and for many scholars more knowledgeable than me) it is the best, most accurate, scholarly translation of the 20th century. I teach at the university level, and this is the Bible I use – and strongly encourage my students to use.



Agreed! But even that will not end all difficulties, as multiple manuscripts exist – and both Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew have evolved over time.



Easily resolved by settling on the current critical editions.



I was brought up on the NIV because I was Lutheran. I have also read parts of the KJ. Since becoming catholic, I have been exposed to the NABRE. Though this is what the RCIA gave me and said it was standard, I found it to be elementary and for mainly kids or people with lower vocabulary. Just my opinion. I have recently purchased and am reading through the ignatius RSV-2Edition and I must say, that it has been a decent read so far, I like this version better than any version previously read. Then, I have read samples of the DR and it seems to me that the word become more alive to me. I think I need to get that version for sure, but not sure what publisher I should go with because there is the Haydock, saint Benedict, etc.


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