What is wrong with Unitarian Universalism?

Hey everyone. Lately I have been having a lot of doubts about the Church and Unitarian Universalism has been on my mind. Can someone please show me what is wrong with Unitarian Universalism? It seems like a very loving and open minded religion. The one thing that gets me about it is that there can’t be more than one Truth. That is the one thing I have against it.

You’ve already found it. There is only one Truth, Christ only instituted one Church. To go to any other church is to reject the full Truth of Christ. They reject the Trinity and reject the divinity of Christ. How can any other denomination even begin to compare to the True Church, founded by Christ Himself?

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I’m a Mainer (and no, that isn’t what’s wrong with Unitarianism) and my favourite secular author is John McDonald, author of the Maine Dictionary. In his book, the Maine Dictionary he defines Unitarian Universalism as a place for unbelievers to go because they haven’t given up on religion. They’re also reported to have good bean-suppahs. Universalism is the conclusion to Protestantism. You hit the nail in the face with your “there’s only one truth” bit. Unitarians, like most post-Apostolic faiths, are more interested in the liberal pipedream of appearing fair and open-minded to everybody at the exclusion of being fair and open-minded towards objectivity. When a doctrine is inconvenient it is rejected. There aren’t many religious doctrines that are devastatingly convenient to the user. It’s a comfort measure, really, how could anything divine go on their when they can’t agree on the nature of divinity? Fellowship is good, but religion ought to be taken seriously. From what I read the moral standing of Universalism is relativism incarnate. You might as well just join a country club and work out your religious kinks solitarily.

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UU (Unitarian Universalism) would also agree that there is one Truth, but it would add that different people approach/encounter/understand that one Truth in different ways. However, having said that, UU would also say that the best way to manifest this one Truth is to act wisely and compassionately towards others. UU would argue that what a person intellectually believes about the universe and humanity is not as important as how a person acts and behaves towards others.

John Carlton <------What he said.:thumbsup:

It’s an organization for avoiding all objectivity and discomfort while strolling merrily down the wide road to perdition that Christ warned about. Narrow is the way, not anything goes. Also, they do not behave like Fred Phelp’s crazies: If you let them wrap their tentacles around you, your own polite nature will make it very difficult to extricate yourself. Run, and don’t look back.

Just because the Unitarians are loving and open (and they are) doesn’t mean they have the Truth.

There is a way that some think right, but it leads in the end to death"

source: Proverbs 14:12

UU is, and always will be, on the popular edge of morality. What the world decides is right it agrees with. You wont find it holding fast to anything. You will only find it pushing forward with what has been found acceptable in our time. It makes no appeal to the past only the future. It is a tenant of Christian faith that the world is a corrupt and evil place. It is also a tenant that the world will not be moving toward perfection. In fact quite the opposite seems to be the case.

The Church is both pushing and pulling on mankind. It pushes us forward in some ways but holds us back in others. The Church looks at not only the future but also the past. The UU is only about liberalizing man. It is about unchaining him. I dont know about you but it seems very clear to me that man, for the most part, needs to be restrained not unleashed.

Having doubts from time to time is, I would say, quite normal but I don’t think there are good grounds for you seriously to doubt your Church. As an informed Catholic you have every reason to reject the “Unitarian” philosophy and “Universalism” presents no problems, either, since you can happily remain a Catholic yet hold on to the hope that all will be saved in the end.


What John Carlton and Saburo said! :smiley:

Being a “good person” is not enough. Being “tolerant” (couched as “loving” or “open minded”) is not being truly charitable.

I think in some respects Unitarian Universalism resembles Judaism, in particular the less orthodox and more liberal varieties such as Humanistic Judaism and Reform Judaism, but even Torah Judaism. First of all, the belief in the Unity of G-d rather than the Trinity. But more than that, the fact that both are orthoprax religions rather than orthodox ones, in which the practice of moral values is more important than belief in a strict creed (perhaps also true in Hinduism and Quakerism). I’m not saying they’re identical, for there are surely essential beliefs in Judaism that cannot be ignored; however, I find certain similarities.

Protestants usually post something like this “God judges the heart”. That is what this sounds like.

So I shall leave it to God to know one’s heart, essence, including that of those you mentioned in your earlier post. And leave it to Him and Him alone to judge.

Here is an actual quote to that effect.

I don’t know much about UU, frankly, but it’s far too ‘loose’ for my taste in its positions on values and practices (e.g., homosexuality, liturgy). It might seem open-minded to you, but in my opinion, UU usurps the Biblical example for absolute tolerance. I don’t have to accept homosexual unions to be respectful towards gay individuals. Furthermore, from the Church’s perspective UU has crossed a couple of boundaries.

On the other hand, it’s a start. There may be only one Truth, but some people need to go through different routes to get there.

Doubt’s not necessarily a bad place to be. This site’s a good place for a background in Catholicism, if you’ve any questions.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of James 2:17 “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

UUs tend to believe that what you do, is more important than what you think.

Catholics don’t believe God judges one’s “heart” or essense?

I think what Coptic is getting at is that some people throw in the “God judges the heart” card as a subtle way of saying “God knows my heart, so I must be correct and you’re wrong”.

Oh ok. Thanks. I’ve just never taken it that way I guess. When I see/hear people saying that, I just assume what they are saying is, it is only God and us, at the moment of our final breaths, who will know our hearts. And only He Whom shall judge based on the heart, the essence and understanding within us. I guess I just don’t read more into it than that though.

It’s just been my experience that when I encounter someone who claims to be of the same path as I am, only to find out that they don’t exactly live up to everything that is expected of that path(especially when it comes to ethics and morals). When I point out that the Catholic Church teachings expect us to live to a higher standard, that is the common response. So to me its like saying “Well, that’s your opinion and I’m right because God knows my heart”. Which is true, God does know our hearts. I just don’t think it should be used as a copout to walking the walk.

To me not a thing is wrong with their love and compassion and their realistic undertanding that there is a difference between faith in the one Truth they seek and absolutely 100% certainly knowing it. Having said that, for me personally I am not certain they emphasize Christ enough for my own personal belief tastes. I have read that nowadays 90% of Unitarian Universalists do not identify as Christians. Having said that, my local UU fellowship does have Christmas Eve and Easter services.

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