What is you favorite TV Show or favorite Channel?

What is your favorite TV Show or favorite Channel?

Here are a few of my favorites -
*]Everybody Loves Raymond
*]Andy Griffin Show / Mayberry RFD
*]The Military Channel
*]The Fox News Channel
*]LAPD - Life on the Beat
*]Adam Twelve
*]The History Channel
*]The Star Trek TV Show [/LIST]

EWTN is definitely one of my favorites!

I watch some of the shows and programs you have listed, or someone else in the family will. I like old movies, but will watch things with my kids often enough also.

One of my favorite channels in DIY.

1.EWTN 2.history channel3.Andy Griffith4.Everybody loves Raymond5.Happy Days6.TCM7.Does anybody remember Hell Town?:slight_smile: .

You can’t beat the good ol’ Father Dowling Mysteries. Oh and I miss Sunset Beach a great deal!

In the UK, Channel 4 and it’s offshoot channels are great.

Law & Order: S.V.U.
Law & Order: C.I.
King Of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond
Everything on the Boomerang channel


USA Network
YES Network
Turner Classic Movies
American Movie Classics

It amazes me the number of votes for “Everybody Loves Raymond” – I find that one of the single most irritating shows on the syndication circuit. I’m not sure who I would like to clobber first – Raymond or Marie. And I’m not too crazy about the other characters either. Guess I must be missing something . . . :confused:

I like it and laugh because Raymond’s wife, reminds me of my wife…:bigyikes:
[FONT=Arial][size=2]I love my boss…Oops…I mean my wife :love: [/size][/FONT]


I dislike Everybody Loves Raymond, too. Too much bickering, and Raymond always ends up looking foolish at the hands of the all-wise women.

My top favorite show of all time is Dark Shadows.

I also loved Arrested Development, but not enough people loved it to keep it on the air.

Nowadays, the only show I really love and will watch (or tape) no matter what is The Unit, but it’s on hiatus. The fans aren’t sure if it will be back or not, and CBS won’t give us a clear answer. Our favorite actors aren’t talking, either, although Regina Taylor won an NAACP Image award for her acting in the show. I’m hoping that the positive image that the show presents of African Americans will be enough to get it back on the air this fall. According to Ms. Taylor, The Unit is the first television drama in 40 years to feature a black man and woman in the lead roles. It’s a great show, and my favorite actor is great in it!

I guess the reason Everybody Loves Raymond is so popular is because they look like The Waltons compared to most modern television shows.

  1. Mash

  2. Queer as Folk

  3. The Daily show

  4. The Colbert Report

  5. The Simpsons

  6. Hallmark Channel

  7. Comedy Central

  8. Logo

Favorite shows:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report

I don’t watch enough television to have a favorite channel. :o

“Lost” is my favorite TV show.

“HGTV” is my favorite channel.

OH, and I know that I am 34, but, I love Hannah Montana…:smiley:


TV Show: new Battlestar Gallactica
Favorite channel: mix of Comedy Central, SciFi Channel, ESPN, and Fox Sports Net North (Twins games)


Ice Road Truckers
Ax Men
Top Chef
The Most Dangerous Catch
Dirty Jobs

Hi Irish Am, couldn`t agree more! Somehow that whole family just got on my nerves.

As for what I like I watch EWTN a lot, second was Jericho till CBS srupidly cancelled it, seems they think everyone wants to watch one reality show after the next filled with people I hope I never come across. Lost isn`t too bad. History is good but I stay away from their religion programs. I also like the Travel Channel and whatever watchable movies I can find on TV. I also used to like the old Babylon series on Sci-Fi.

All I watch on tv is boiled down to two tv stations:

  1. Fox news channel
  2. Food network

That’s all I watch :wink:

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