What Is Your Catholic Nature?


I was debating an atheist the other day when he produced a list of ten reasons why he couldn’t believe in the Resurrection – ten things that he felt needed to be answered for him before he would believe that Jesus had indeed been resurrected.

At the same time I had made a post to my blog that cited Michael Novak: “Gathering force over many years, one discovery has hit me with the force of a law: If you make mistakes about your own nature, you will make as many mistakes about God, and quite properly then, reject what your inquiries put before you. The god you fantasize will appear to you not very great, a delusion, a snare from which others ought to be freed. You will despise this god.”

It struck me that in his list reasons not to believe in the resurrection, the fellow had really been telling me about himself and I could begin to see his nature revealed. It made me think I should prepare a list about my nature, the things that I see in myself or demonstrated in the world that reveal my nature. I’ve done that here:


Admittedly it’s an incomplete list, but I was wondering what you would add to it…

All donations cheerfully accepted…

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