What is your Definition of a True Christian?


I just want your definitioin, in one sentence… thanks. :slight_smile:


Define “true”.:smiley:


One who follows Christ’s teachings and attempts to be as Christlike as he or she can.


True (my definition): Real, not phony, not just pretend.


That would pretty much be my definition… One who does not just give Jesus lip service, but really desires to be like Him no matter the cost
And follow Him wherever he leads.

The only problem is: Jesus leads us to Calvary :eek:
But that’s a “good” thing, right? After all, it is a joy to suffer the way our Savior did… (at least, when its all over with, it is a joy, right??:smiley: ).

The Word tells us to rejoice when we are persecuted… because we have been found worthy to suffer like Jesus did…

So what about you? Do you rejoice???
I have to confess, i rarely rejoice at such things… :shrug: One of my weaknesses… :frowning:



One who loves the Lord their God with all their heart, with all their soul, with their strength, and with all their mind; and who loves their neighbor as themselves out of love of God.

That is the one-liner. Of course, this necessarily and obligatorily includes having faith (e.g. believing everything the Catholic Church teaches), having hope (e.g. desiring God and Heaven above all else), and having love (e.g. love :wink: ). It means exercising virtues and abstaining from vices. It means being a good Catholic, plain and simple (good Catholic = true Christian).


I know of people who appear to be good Catholics, yet they have no real love in their heart for other people. I know one who goes to Church every Sunday, yet refuses to forgive this one person he knows…

I believe, frankly, that you can be a “good Catholic” (meaning do all the “right” things) and yet end up in Hell…

There is a passage in the Bible about how the one who deserved (objectively speaking?) to be beaten wiht many stirpes, will only receive a few (because of his ignorance?) but the one who knew better…
"To whom more is given, more is required."
So technically, one who is born in some un-Christian land, never really heard of Jesus, etc… yet lived a good life, loved others, etc., could possibly do better w/ God than one who, well, who was a cradle Catholic, and all that …
There are those who are “good” and then there are those who only appear to be good (because they cannot stand NOT to appear good - to others)… Sometimes, we cannot tell the difference…
Anyway… God bless…


A true Christian is one who is validly baptized.

A good Christian is another story entirely.


i would say one who is baptized is a Christian-ized human being, not necessarily a Christian, much less a true Christian. I know someone who resents she was baptized as a baby…


Oh, she’s ontologically a Christian all right, by virtue of the mark of baptism, which can never be erased.

Christian in good standing, well, no, putting it mildly.



Mere attendance at Sunday Mass is hardly fulfillment of the fullness of Catholicism. Certain politicians (do I even need to mention them :rolleyes: ) attend Mass on a regular basis, but they are hardly good Catholics (or good Americans, IMO).

What does it mean to do all the “right” things. It is not fulfilling some sort of Catholic checklist. There are certain precepts that do need to be fulfilled (attend Mass on the days of obligation, receive the Sacraments of Penance and Communion once a year during Easter, observe the proscribed days of fasting and abstinence, provide materially for the Church according to your means). But being a good Catholic goes far beyond this.

To be a good Catholic, one must exercise virtue and avoid vice. One must follow the commandments. One must perform the acts of mercy. One must be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect. Thus to be a good Catholic is to be a Saint (note: one need not be formally canonized to be a Saint, but that is fodder for another thread). And we are all called to this holiness, we are all called to be Saints.


A good Christian is one who does the very best that THEY can do to follow Christ and his teachings. I emphasize THEY because each person is given different abilities by God.

The Catholic Church is Christ’s church and provides the best blueprint of how to follow Christ’s teachings.


You want the definition of a true Christian in one sentence? How about this old saying:

“If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”


From the Catechism of St. Pius X:

3 Q. Who is a true Christian?
A. A true Christian is he who is baptised, who believes and professes the Christian Doctrine, and obeys the lawful pastors of the Church.


could the OP, smolderingwick, mean to say "what is your definition of a Perfect Christian? :slight_smile:


So do you think it is worse for people who have been baptized, to reject the faith? I mean, are they more culpable, even if they are only baptized, never catechized?


What if the pastors disagree with each other? Which one should be believed?


No, since there is no such thing…

I guess there is a such a thing as a “perfect Christian” (with quotation marks).
To me a “perfect Christian” is one who does everything Jesus Christ requires or desires… even when doing so means being martryed…

Standing up for truth always involves “martrydoms” of various kinds… Going to Mass when u don’t feel like it is a martrydom, putting up with narrow-minded, hard-hearted people is a martrydom…
I suppose there 100s of little martrydoms we must submit to every day…
Yet it is human nature to seek comfort…


Some of us have already been through something like this :eek:


I hate to say this (it will probably be misinterpreted :rolleyes: ) but it is possible to be “good” Catholic and yet not be a good Christian… I know several people who seem to fit into this category. I don’t feel i am judging…
The Word says: “You will know them by their fruits.”

As stated, i know a person who refuses to forgive someone, even though the person is willing to discuss their problems… This person attends Mass, goes to confession, etc… The Word of God clearly says that if you do not forgive others, you will not be forgiven… (Matt 18:23 and others). I asked this person if he was willing to go to Hell over this “unforgivable” person… i got no coherent answer… Please pray for him…


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