What is your 'entrance' during Lent?


How does your parish do the ‘entrance’ during Lent?

Our parish has a Cantor-led, with the congregation singing a response, fairly solemn.

At a nearby Cathedral, two precede the servers and priest, with solemn hand bells. It’s so beautiful.


Respectful silence. No hymn or singing. It is very solemn and I like it.


No different from any other time but they do try to use a Lenten hymn.


Although it’s not a hard rule, we’ve had the choir chant the antiphons in Latin without any musical accompaniment several times. I quite like this. It beautiful, solemn, but also somewhat penitential.


We sing Draw Near O Lord without instruments.


My parish has two churches. One does a solemn hymn without instrumentals, the other does the processional hymn same as in ordinary time.


A handbell ringing, slowly and long, the F above middle C I believe.


This, at my parish also.


Those sound so beautiful!

At the parish I normally go to these days, I haven’t noticed any difference from Ordinary Time.


There is no special entrance during Lent .

It is up to each priest to decide , which is how it should be .


There is no entrance like a procession. The priest simply walks out of the sacristy near the altar behind the 2 altar boys. That’s it.


The entrance antiphon is chanted.


Ours is in silence, with the cross & 2 candle bearers plus a lector carrying the book of Gospels then our pastoral administrator (a sister) then the priest. They make a bow together then make their ways to their seats then the priest will make his way to his seat to start Mass.


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