what is your experience of being "filled with the holy spirit"

What have your understanding and experience of “being filled with the holy spirit”

Sometimes it is hard to recognize whether or not you are “feeling” the Holy Spirit or are feeling jubilant because the music is good, or the scenery is beautiful, or the you are loved by your family. Perhaps just the joy of living is the experience of feeling the Holy Spirit. I expect that each human being, in their own unique and mysterious soul, is not going to be able the express that which is not expressible.

Are you talking about Baptism in the Holy Spirit as in what happened to the apostles on Pentecost or just being filled with God’s love bcoz people have different opinions on this.

A good book that has basics on this

Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit Paperback – 2003
by CMF John H. Hampsch (Author)


My own experience of the former (Baptism in the Holy Spirit) happened when I was about 17 years old.It inititates with the gift of tongues.

One is so filled with the Holy Spirit in a new way that he fills us and overflows from us to others-through healings,prophesies -the 9 fold charismatic gifts.

A greater love and closeness to God-such as one has never experienced before-is felt.As you get strengthened in all the fruits and gifts,normally the person is radically changed for God,from inside out.For me,the initial few days were ecsastic.But this experinece is not just emotions.It strengthens one’s will and spirit toward God in a very tangible way-at least that is my experience.

We are baptized with the Holy Spirit and my experience of the Spirit involves daily thinking about God and living as Jesus commanded us to live.

I can watch a favorite TV show for a period of time but my mind drifts back to God and His command through Jesus to establish and grow his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

“Be serious”–?? I take this seriously and I am wounded only when I fail to realize God’s presence and to not do his will.

We all are called to holiness and to closeness with God, and even as creatures, to share in His nature. We have many daily cares and concerns, challenges too (to say the least), but we should orient our spiritual trajectory towards God, pleasing God, agreeing with God, etc.

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