what is your experience of being "filled with the holy spirit"

Ephesians be filled . do you know people who function with psalms hyms revelation healings by the power of the holy spirit? Maybe some catholics. ??

My heart/chest felt hot. My face too but I think that could just be me blushing.

I’ve been over come with emotion in mass. Sometimes I get a overwhelming sence of peace while in mass or outside of mass.


Rather embarrassing for a 6’ 7" 275 pound guy but . . .

uncontrollable tears.

Sure. As reported above by others. Noticeable coming out of the confessional. :slight_smile:


Yup; unfathomable joy and peace for me; sometimes tears, sometimes a grin that hurts my face, often both. I’ve had two Masses where I can remember being like that, and a few other times.

I was. It worked. Been guiding my life since.

Someone at work once asked me about Mary and I rattled off how we honor her and how she leads us to her son. I never, ever do that, especially at work and I have a hard time explaining things like that and get my message across. I told my wife about that and her opinion was that the Holy Spirit was working through me. I realized how right she was.

That and being overwhelmed at times, especially in church.

I was say the ability to realise I’ve offended God (which is often) has to count

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