What is your favorite apparation of Mary?


Surely, she was wonderful each and every time she appeared! But I personally like Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Pontmain (our lady of hope). I like those stories and messages the best.
And this is a depiction of the Lourdes one. I couldn’t find one of Pontmain.

Which is your favorite apparation story? And your favorite picture of Our Lady?


the apparition of our lady of fatima in my Great Uncle Wally’s bedroom she appeared three times to him and once to me, when i went in with him to pick up a crucifix he had for my younger sister.(she’s in the process of converting). and to my vision of her in saint Stanislaus church on the east side of cleveland.


Fatima by far!!!:smiley:


My favorite: Mary appearing to Bernadette at Lourdes, France – and all the gifts she left for us.


In the mountains of western Japan there is the small village of Tsuwano. Shortly after the discovery of the hidden Christians in Nagasaki, a group of these Christians were arrested by the government and sent to Tsuwano where they were imprisoned and tortured in the hopes of forcing them to recant their Christian faith. One method of torture was to strip an individual of his clothes, place him in a 3 foot cage and leave him exposed to the cold mountain winter. One of these Christians was a 30 year old man named Yasutaro. He was left exposed for several days and nights. Two fellow Christians of the group, hoping to encourage him, managed to sneak out of their hut during the night and spoke with him. To their astonishment, Yasutaro claimed that he wasn’t cold at all. He claimed that a beautiful woman came to him each night and prayed with him. She often stayed with him until dawn and while she was present, he never felt cold. She was dressed in blue and looked similar to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary he had seen in the priest’s chapel back in Nagasaki. He asked the others not to reveal this until after he had died. A few days later during a snow storm, the two Christians snuck out of their hut again and found the cage holding Yasutaro buried in deep snow. Yasutaro had died. Yasutaro never claimed that it was the Blessed Virgin Mary who appeared to him, but the imprisoned Christians believed it was so and were encouraged by her presence. Several more of the Christians were to die for their faith before the government, responding to criticism from the European powers, released them to return to their homes in Nagasaki.


That’s incredible. How wonderful! What was it like?


Our Lady of the Rays
Mary, Tabernacle of the Most High
Our Lady of Good Health
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Fatima
Mary, Queen of Peace


Bernadette is my favorite.:slight_smile:


[object Selection]:smiley: My favorite apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary is Our Lady of Mount Carmel,because I hope to wear her holy habit someday as a Carmelite nun!


There are so many! Apparition-wise, I’ve always like Our Lady of Pontmain.
Knock is a close second.

There are so many beautiful depictions of Our Lady. The Pontmain one is often very pretty, with a deep blue sky and crisp white snow as the scenery. Those depictions always pull me in.


Zeitoun and Fatima are the two hammers of evidence for Catholicism in extraordinary display.

As for my own preference, I’ve yet to determine it :). I love Mary, though! I love her so much.


Lourdes–she saved my daughter’s life

Madonna di Montenero

Madonna della Guardia



Er . . . would you care to elaborate? ;):slight_smile:


When my daughter was born, she lost 1/2 of her blood volume (only 6 children have been documented in the medical literature to have lost that much and survived) due to a screw up.
She was placed in neonatal intensive care, then airlifted to a university hospital. Every day we would get bad news: “condition incompatible with life”, “meningitis (twice)”, “if she survives she will be seriously retarded”, “if she survives, she will live until 2, at best”.

Finally, we decided to call in a healing priest. He blessed her with Lourdes water, and from that day she improved. We took her home, after 4 months, and went to Lourdes about 6 months later (to fulfill a vow, and to say thank you).
Everything was OK with her, except a scab on top of her head (that was caused when a powerful IV that was placed in her head, because they had run out of veins to use :frowning: ). The scab would form, fall off causing bleeding and re-form. This went on for 9 months.

We (wife, kids, parents, and father-in-law) were in Lourdes. Went to the Grotto, and were getting ready to leave, when my Dad said “wait, lets pour the water on Stef again, and all say a prayer over her”. We did.

The next morning the scab was gone. Never came back. Completely healed. And Stef is a wonderfully happy, normal kid of 15.

Thank you St Bernadette! Thank you our Lady of Lourdes!



That’s an incredible story. I’m so glad your daughter is happy and healthy! That’s just awesome. :slight_smile:


Thank you. At one point, they were inserting a Broviac (inserted, so you don’t have to keep trying to find a vein). The anesthesia ran out (they could not risk giving her any more) and she had to endure the remainder of the surgery without anesthesia.:frowning:

In spite of all that (or maybe because of all that), she just might be our happiest child.

Praise God.


Wow, what an amazing story! Thank-you so much for sharing :D.


Not a problem. I owe it our Lady.:slight_smile:


After Fatima, I would have to say a lesser-known one called Our Lady of Good Success, in Ecuador in the 1600s. I learned about it just a few months ago. It has many prophecies about our times, and one in particular which said the apparitions wouldn’t be widely known until the end of the 20th century, which is so true since few people have heard of it though it was 400 years ago!


Yes, these apparitions would be up on the top of my list too.

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