What is your favorite band?

what is your favorite band? well mine would have to be the beatles!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got three :o

The World/Inferno Friendship Society (carnival punk, sort of… part rock, part klezmer, part big-band, all great)
The Jesus and Mary Chain (shoegaze, but angrier)
The Legendary Pink Dots (avant-garde; they look like old hippies but sound like goths)

I’ve seen the first and third live :smiley: JAMC is reuniting this year at Coachella though, hopefully they’ll go on tour since I can’t make that…

the Cleveland Orchestra

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Phish – in no particular order.


Beatles, always #1 in my book.

Stones up to 1974.

Pink Floyd.


King Crimson.

Guess all this carbon-dates me.

Elton John is my favourite artist. I’m not sure that I have a favourite band. Although I did get my picture taken with Air Supply!


Toby Keith


Big & Rich




Kenny Chesney

Sorry, I can’t decide.

If I had to pick one - it would be Hall & Oates, hands down.

Not their icky 80’s pop stuff (Man Eater - ICKY!!) - but their other work is some of the very best and most talented soul and R&B I’ve ever heard. They really are incredibly talented, and just amazing live, and I don’t think they really ever get a break because of the goofy 80’s stuff they are most popular for.

Check out their earlier work, and even the newer cd, Our Kind of Soul, is very good.


I got to see JAMC live at the State Theatre in Detroit. They played with Mazzy Star. They were fun to watch-Mazzy Star was the most broing act I’ve ever seen.

My favorites:


U2 is one of my all time favorites…
But I tend to like 80s Brittish-invasion type bands…

Mazzy Star is fine for listening, but I have no idea how they are live. JAMC had a reputation for starting riots during their sets – rather more interesting.

Oh, another favorite… James, one of the Madchester-scene bands. Who are also reuniting this year. It’s like the early 90s are back – JAMC, James, My Bloody Valentine… so many reunions :eek:

It was Sting/The Police until March 11th.

On that night, I got to see Flogging Molly live. So now, after the best 2 hours of my life, during which I was in a mosh pit for the first time, sang( I use this term generously) my heart out, danced like a fool, and got an autograph from Nathen Maxwell, I would have to say that Flogging Molly is my favorite band.

I love The Dave Mathews Band…

But you knew that didn’t you Kellyann…

Love Mom

Can’t pick one…Beatles and Depeche Mode are neck and neck at the front.

Flogging Molly RAWKS!

But people threaten me when I tell them they’re really just Pogues pretenders. :wink:

thats awsome i love all those including elvis presely!!:heart:

i like that same kind of music some times my friends joke around with me because i am only 13 but i dont really care because i cant stand rap!

i LOVE Flogging Molly! lol my brother got me hooked on them…they’re amazing! my favorite artist would have to be Rebecca Saint James…she’s amazing. i can’t decide on a favorite band…there’s too many that i love! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasnt going to chime in but since you did, I felt it was my zooropian duty to say, yea . . . . U2

then Third Day, The Violet Burning and Neil Young


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