What is your favorite bird? And every foul encounter you've had under the sun


Sometimes the geese stick around through the winter and I am told it depends on the amount of food they have available. There are none around this year though, and I am thinking the crows may have eaten them out of house and home.
The crows are around in smaller numbers during the summer, but after the crops are harvested they come out in force. There were some huge murder of crows hitting the fields this year and I mean huge.


More bird pics from Kentucky Lake, near Paris in Tennessee.

Eastern Bluebird


GBH flying (this image has been majorly mucked with)


All these posts, and I have yet to see someone say Zapdos.


Ok adam,I’m not going to Google …but you can explain to me what that is instead :thinking::sweat_smile:


Good question.


Here are some Carolina Wren’s checking out the zapdos in my dad’s compost pile


Ravens bedding down for a cold winter’s night

I took this a few years ago


We had a couple of them make a nest under our carport. In boxes.


Searching for it may actually help you.


Ahhh…I see now :grin::sweat_smile:
Here’s one for you,I haven’t seen any Joe Blakes in the garden this Spring yet.


White-throated Sparrow in Tennessee. See it’s white throat?


This is a Field Sparrow. I was super excited to get it’s pic because I thought it was North American lifer #511. Turns out I saw it at the same location, near Paris, on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee when we visited him in 2007.

For those of you scoring at home, I left Tennessee with 61 species recorded adding new 11 species for the year for a US total of 289 Chances are good I’ll hit 300 by year’s end. That is, if I get out and try. I’ve been super sedentary lately.


A little sandpiper in flight along the surf line this morning


And three little sandpipers in and amongst the trash :angry: and debris that washed ashore after yesterday’s rain storm.


A few shots by a friend who’s a real photographer from last years Christmas Bird Count. My area includes a neighborhood that puts on a big show at Christmas. Makes for some fun shots. These are a male and female Vermilion Flycatcher. We have the CBC world record for them in Tucson.


Amazing little birds,@tad ! Do they stay around for the Winter?


They’re year round residents, fairly common in parks and grassy areas. Here’s a photo I took.


So today, a special visitor to my small garden!

Not my picture but it was exactly like this one.
I feed about thirty sparrows so I shouldn’t be surprised if a sparrow hawk visits! :astonished:
Similar in size to a dove but slimmer. I’ve had three different hawks in my garden in ten years that I know of, this is the smallest. The last one killed a wood pigeon.


This is something - a 68-year-old albatross. I wonder how long our local seagulls live :thinking:


My Christmas card this year. It’s a watercolor of Chestnut-backed Chickadees from our trip to Oregon last Christmas.

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