What is your favorite book of the bible?


The Psalms, Proverbs, any of the books of Wisdom. I love Sirach and Ecclesiastes.


I’ve always enjoyed the Psalms, even before I was a believer. They are so hopeful.


OT: Exodus, because “Prince of Egypt” is one of my favorite movies.

NT: John’s Gospel and Acts. John is so touchingly personal, and Acts is just such a great story.


Not sure how I could choose something other than one of the four Gospels. As for the Synoptics, I probably prefer Luke. If we only could have one author of the Scriptures, I would definitely choose Luke! Between his Gospel and the Acts, he probably covers the most of the core essentials!


I really like Job.




OT: Tobit. Touching story.
NT: Tough call… Luke, Acts, Romans, Revelation, John. Probably in that order, but if you were to ask me in a week, the order might switch.



Hard to pick just one…I’ve always liked the Letter of James, but Luke’s Gospel / Acts is also a great read…


Gospel according to John.

Acts of the Apostles is a very close second.


Gospel of Mark


I’ve only really read the Old Testament, and so far my favorites are Exodus and Ruth.


I’ve only read maybe a third of the Bible, but I think it would be easier for me to pick favorite chapters, like John 21.

Although I do love Genesis. :slight_smile:


That book frightens me


I can relate to Job when he questions God and asks why, and God’s replies of ‘Were you there…’, and ‘Who told the…’ give me great comfort. God is in charge and He knows what He is doing.


Good choice!

Agreed. I love the synoptic gospels but St. John did things his own way and it’s so instructive yet accessible. Personal yet epic. Non-linear yet perfectly structured. Love it!




Psalms & Sirach.


Exodus appears to be the most interesting one. Moses was going against the might of ancient Egypt. God can defeat any human might though.


Sirach and Maccabees.

Gives me a feeling of having ‘secret knowledge’ over my Protestant friends.:smiley:


OT: There are two: Tobit. I must note that the Vulgate-based Tobit (Douay-Rheims, Knox) is even more endearing than the later versions, which begin in 1st person then suddenly and inexplicably switch to 3rd person. Tobit speaks to me so deeply that it normally brings tears. Tobit sheds light on the “brothers of Jesus” pseudo-controversy by pointing out that a man’s wife from the same tribe was called his sister. Anyone from the same tribe, which is how ancient Hebrews associated, was a brother.

Wisdom is precisely that. It has perhaps the clearest prophecy of Christ in the entire OT (Chap. 2), specifying His nature, thoughts, teaching, torture and criminal’s death. References that apply to Christ may be seen in chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5. It was written about 50 years before Christ. So much for that alleged “inter-testamental period” spoken of by those who reject the Deuterocanon.

NT: 1 & 2 Peter, as they are doctrinally dense and clearly show the Holy Spirit speaking through the first Holy Father.

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