What Is Your Favorite Catechism?


For me, for an everyday Catechism: The Catechism of St. Pius X. It’s straight and simple to the point. What’s yours?


I’ve only really had experience with the ordinary Catechism of the Catholic Church but have read some bits of the Baltimore Catechism (I think it is too watered down and good for its target audience of youth). I need to read the Catechism of St. Pius X soon.

God bless!


For reading, especially for someone who may have never read a catechism, I like this one from the USCCB

Sadly, many Catholics my age (I am in my 40’s) where never taught from any catechism, and our knowledge of the faith is severely lacking. I found that the way this particular catechism was put together made it much easier to understand.

For reference use, the CCC is a wonderful tool, however, I believe that this Catechism for Adults is a great way to introduce, or re-introduce, as the case may be, the faith.


I didn’t realize there were all these Catechisms. Good thing somebody mentioned this!


Speaking of catechisms…Has the Catechism of the Catholic Church been updated to reflect the Latin translation changes? Was there a new edition published to reflect these changes?


The Baltimore Catechism, volumes 1 - 4.


If by Latin translation changes, you mean those in the liturgy, no there hasn’t that I’m aware of. If by Latin translation changes you mean the release of the typical edition of the CCC, then yes, that came out about 18 years ago (the original CCC was drafted in French and promulgated thus in 1992, and all the different translations were done off of that. In 1997, the Latin typical edition was issued, and so the translations were redone to reflect the edits that were made when that edition came out. A typical edition is the authoritative version of a document from the Vatican).



The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) is the official universal catechism.

Also, I like the way it is structured and it has an index where it is easy to find any teachings.
I like the footnotes to the teachings which reference Scripture and other Church documents that underpin the teachings.


I second that and add that while it seems to be a dense read, if you take it in small chunks, about 8-10 paragraphs a night, it’s extremely manageable and gives you a good feel for the Church’s teaching on a wide range of issues. Plus, the accompanying volumes–the Compendium, which is an abbreviated version in question-and-answer format, and the Companion, which contains most of the source documents–have some great information for further informing your study.





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