What is your favorite comfort food?



I’d like to know what others have as their favorite comfort food.

There are times when I’m not feeling so great or the weather is not too good , that I look for certain foods that lifts up my mood.

My favorite “perk me” up food is Oreo cookies and a mixture of my 2 favorite “junk foods”: Chippy (a barbecue flavored chips) + Chiz Curls (cheese flavored corn curls) which eat with a can Diet Coca Cola (…so I wil not add more calories to this calorie-laden feast :smiley: ). I eat this while watching my favorite TV shows.

One of the reasons why I chose these as my comfort foods is its ease and availability. I just open the packet and eat–no need for preparations. I am thinking, though, of looking for healthier alternatives for comfort foods.

Anyone here wants to share what their comfort food is? :slight_smile:


Chocolate ice cream tops the list followed by mashed potatoes and gravy. Not together of course. I love potato chips as well. I need to find comfort in less fattening foods----tomorrow!

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Hehe…me too! :smiley:

I also like chocolate ice cream. :slight_smile:


A big fat juicy steak with homemade mash potatoes and gravy, along with veggies.At the end chocolate ice cream.:stuck_out_tongue:


I love pierogies! :extrahappy:


Meatloaf and Mashed potatos w/gravy.

Calories be, er, darned;)


Isn’t it funny that foods like “lettuce” or “celery” never make anyone’s list of comfort foods? :smiley:

My favorite comfort foods (no particular order):

  1. Grilled cheese sandwich (with or without tomato bisque soup on the side)
  2. Mashed potatoes (sometimes with American cheese on top, or with gravy, if served with meatloaf)
  3. Meatloaf
  4. Cheese curls (best: Utz)
  5. Ice cream (flavor depending on my mood)
  6. Hot dog on a bun, with American cheese, ketchup, relish, and mustard.

Yikes, I think that’s enough comfort for now. :smiley:

Mudgie-in-training and freelance sparkle/coffee grinds sprinklerv


Hmmm … either carbonara pasta with plenty of parmesan on top, or nachos from my favourite Mexican takeout place, followed by chocolate icecream with chopped almonds sprinkled on it :yup:

And I agree, if it’s healthy it just ain’t comfort food :nope: - with the possible exception of the really good low-fat vanilla yoghurt I have with sliced peaches or cherries :yup:


Popcorn. I love popcorn. When I was married (very unhappily) I ate TONS of popcorn. I still love it. Luckily, I like with just a sprinkle of salt - no butter or anything else on it.


LOL! This week it was a chocolate cream pie. PMS + Hubby out of town + grocery shopping trip = Chocolate cream pie.



Bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Nutella, coupled with a glass of red wine. Bliss!!!


Coffee with a little milk.


Anything chocolate:D


Mine has changed over the years. When I lived on the east coast nothing made me feel better than a sour dough roll heated up and real butter on it. If I couldn’t have that it would have to be a cheesesteak sandwich. When I lived in Michigan they have a local food called pasties. It is basically a stew inside a pie crust shaped like a calzone. Here in the midwest they have what I consider a most curious comfort food combination: chicken with noodles served over mashed potatos… like carbs to the max… but it is very comforting. Do we see a pattern here? WOw I am a carb junkie!!! And it looks like I always have been…


Another of my favorite comfort foods – blue cheese (I kid you not). It brings back childhood memories, when my favorite sandwich was blue cheese on squishy, white bread. :smiley:

Mudgie-in-training and freelance sparkle/coffee grinds sprinkler


mmm bleu cheese!!! I mix it with cream cheese and dip carrots and celery in it.


The Holy Eucharist. He is the best food you can get.


carbs, preferably laced with chocolate


Chocolate. And ice-cream. So, another vote for chocolate ice-cream I guess! :slight_smile:


red hot riplets (potato chips) dipped in blue cheese dressing. Sounds good right now!!!

Also french bread dipped in blue cheese dressing is yummy to my tummy :smiley: .
Another one of mine is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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