What is your favorite conspiracy theory?


My complete exhaustion of all things political on the internet is sucking the joy out of one of my favorite internet passtimes, keeping up with wild conspiracy theories. There is understandable overlap.

What are some of your favorite conspiracy theories? (Not saying you believe them, just find the tale they weave of interest)


There are so many of these theories and while some make me chuckle most I find annoying, and some I find downright dangerous. I really do not have a favorite.


Well, I used to listen to Rush a lot but over time all that stuff just wears out and becomes boring.


I agree! When we allow ourselves to get so caught up in flights of fancy and idle speculation, we can too easily neglect the reality right in front of us. It’s better for me to focus on taking care of the people and situations where I really can make things better. Apologies to all those who take them seriously, but I don’t waste my time with conspiracy theories.


I think it’s the wanna-be fiction writer in me that enjoys them the most. They inspire some twisry plots.


Some of the ones I enjoy (not believe) are alien cover-ups, secret manipulation of the weather and flat earth.

The illuminati/music industry ones used to be sort of fun because it was accompanied by so much colorful visual “proof” but the satanic imagery has gotten too easy to find and makes me sad/creeped out.


So what were the conspiracy stories you heard on Rush @MaryEstelle2 ?


I like the conspiracies concerning the Knights Templar. All bunk but fascinating stuff.


Time Cube was fun if not really sad when you get down into the full story. I remember coming across the eyesore of a site years ago and being blown away by how ridiculous it all was. Unfortunately, the guy probably had mental disorders and ended up tearing down an already-disturbed Australian teen with him. Beyond the site, the story is really fascinating. Here is a really good video on the whole thing if you have 45 minutes to spare.


Thanks I’ll look into that! Yes there is a certain sadness involved when it comes to the real delusions, fear and paranoia people experience and certainly anyone who gets hurt as a result.


Um, that’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s the truth. I find it silly that you don’t believe that the governments of the world have colluded together to try making “evidence” for a globular model, keep a blockade around the edge of the earth with people so loyal that not one has broken the silence, drug people on intercontinental flights so that they don’t realize the flight is much longer than they’ve been told, (and mess with people outside the flight that are keeping time), fake the moon landings to cover it up, much more in order to debase a fraction of the world’s population’s belief in The Bible so as to gain greater control over our minds. You’re the silly one.


Careful! Poe’s Law exists for a reason.

Also, you reminded me of this comic.

And as a bonus, here’s another really good comic from the same series regarding conspiracy theories.


What made you think I was joking?



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