What is your favorite fast food place


what is your favorite fast food place


chick-fil-a :smiley:




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chick-fil-a :D


Ditto. They have the BEST sweet tea.


I soooo miss this place. :slight_smile:


Until just a couple of days ago, I hadn't had any fast food in almost 2 years. I was visiting my family for Christmas and my mom and my niece wanted lunch while we were out, so we stopped at Chik-Fil-A. It was the best grilled chicken sandwich I'd had in a long time. (I sure can't make them as good!). So I have to agree with the other posters-- Chick-Fil-A.


In-N-Out Burger. Close second, because it is more convenient to me: Five Guys Burgers and Fries.


Taco Johns, but it was not on the poll.

For burgers, I like Burger King.

For salads, McDonalds Ceaser Salad and the Bacon Ranch Salad is great too.


Subway. I RARELY go to any of the others.


Taco Bell. One of my first jobs was at Taco Bell; I loved the food then and I still love it (although I disagree with the current trend toward cheese sauce overuse).


Maccas! There's nothing like eating in, with a coffee and a newspaper. Breakfast, or a Big Mac. :D

(Or is "Maccas" only used by us Aussies, for McDonalds?)


I prefer Wendy’s. Though admittedly, I really like Burger King and Taco Bell too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can say that I’ve never heard it. I agree on the vote for McDonald’s, though; it’s my second favorite.


Panda Express, Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco :)

I love the grilled chicken wraps at Sonic, too! :thumbsup:


I like them all but Portillo’s is my fave. It’s a Chicago thing.


I voted for Burger King since they have veggie burgers!


Of the ones you listed, I put McDonalds. The Egg McMuffin is recommended by dieticians as one of the best fast-food breakfasts around, only 300 calories, high in protein, and delicious.

I also like the playgrounds that many McDonald’s have. When my daughters were small, we went there, and they would play for a couple of hours while I read a book. It was fairly easy to get them to actually eat something there–if they didn’t eat, they didn’t play. Simple.

Finally, I think that the Ronald McDonald Houses are wonderful and I like supporting this very worthwhile charity.

But my real favorite fast-food place is Steak n Shake. The little burgers are thin and crispy, and so are the fries. And the shakes–they’re real ice cream, not some kind of amorphous cold goo from a plastic bag! Mmmm!

I also love Taco John’s–the Potato Oles are decadent!

I’ll admit it–I love fast food! I think it’s very possible to eat fast food and remain thin and fit, IF you make correct choices. The single hamburger at McDonald’s is only 300 calories. Add an apple/grape salad and a container of milk, and you have fairly healthy lunch. No one is forced to order the double quarter pounder with cheese, the super-sized fries, the 64 oz. Coke, and the M n’ M McFlurry. I’ve continued to eat fast food several times a week over the last 14 months, and I’ve still managed to lose 65 pounds (and still losing). The biggest problem with fast food places is that they don’t offer enough vegetable alternatives, but some do–our local sandwich shop (an Arby’s look-a-like) offers delicious steamed brocolli.


Subway and Wendy's are tied for me - but Subway wasn't on the list. Yum - and tons of healthy choices, too, at Subway!


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Of the ones you listed, I put McDonalds. The Egg McMuffin is recommended by dieticians as one of the best fast-food breakfasts around, only 300 calories, high in protein, and delicious.


Well, I never knew! To me, they are just an occasional treat. Thanks for that - you've eased my mind!

I'll admit it--I love fast food!

Yep! Sometimes I think that I'll treat myself to a nice restaurant meal, and then, most times, the thought of a Big Mac, a newspaper and coffee is more appealing! These guys must be doing something right.


I voted for BK--but if there was another choice, I'd have voted Subway. :) Their turkey breast and ham subs were the only thing I could eat while pregnant with SweetGirlOne, and I still love them. :thumbsup:

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