What is your favorite M*A*S*H* episode?

Last night I watched 4 hilarious and moving episodes of MASH. I LOVE THAT SHOW and rarely miss a rerun. Does anyone here have a favorite MASH episode to share?

If I recall this, I believe it might have been an hour episode. But the show centered on each character’s dream they had after a long stressful day of surgery. For example, Hawkeye dreamed he was floating down a river stocked with fake arms and legs. I believe he didnt have arms to try to pick them up. The priest dreamed he was the pope I believe. Anyway, they were all very captivating, I would like to see that one again…

The very last episode was poignant. I cry every time I watch it:blushing:

Actually I can even cry thinking about it so I won’t go into the details of what I remember about just think, Hawkeye on the bus coming back from the beach after they found out the “conflict” was over.

Brenda V.

I love MAS*H!! Absolutely love it. It’d be hard to pick a favorite - I have favorite lines from various episodes.

I have all the DVD’s and I still watch it on TV when I catch it!!

It’s been a very long time since I have watched the show, but one of the most memorable for me was the one where BJ and Hawkeye get a bathtub, and everyone wants to use it. Meanwhile Klinger is overdressing for the hot weather in hopes that this will get him discharged.

Hotlips in a towel, running through the yard, was a key moment.

What a great show…

My favorite seasons are seasons 4 and 5. Frank is still there, but so is Col. Potter. Not that I didn’t think that Stiers didn’t do a great job as Winchester, but Potter and Burns interacting just cracks me up.


**Some of my favorite episodes were the ones where Hawkeye wrote back home to his father.

Another favorite was when Hawkeye was trying to find our BJ’s real name.

Oh, and the practical joke episode where Hawkeye wound up sleeping outside surrounded by barbed wire.**

Most touching episode for me was when Radar leaves. Very moving.
What a great show.

I am a huge fan of this show and have probably seen every episode multiple times. Thank you TV Land for keeping it on the air.

One of my favorite episodes is when Hawkeye and Trapper make up a ficticious officer named Capt. Tuttle to cover for then sending supplies to Sr Theresa’s orphanage . In the end they make up a story that he was killed by a landmine and the army sends his death benefits and back pay to the orphanage .

MASH was a great show until Alan Alda took over and started putting his political correctness junk in it. I have seasons one through four on DVD.

One of my favorites is I believe in season one and they had an all night poker game going. LTC Blake, Hawkeye, Trapper, Dr. Freedman, Klinger, and a Korean Arnold from Happy Days before the Karate Kid] doctor were in the card game

A young John Ritter was a patient and went nuts and started shooting at Frank. Radar ran into the swamp. They ask what’s going on and he said, “A patient blew his cork!” They all look at Dr. Freedman and somebody said, “Sidney” and he replied, “I’m not going out there without a bullet proof couch."

During that same show Radar runs over the fall down king of Korea, a wounded CID man and Frank is to scared to operate, and COL Flag shows up he’s a Captain going by a name I can’t remember now I think Helderon or something. I believe that was the first time he played in the series.

Another one was the incubator show and of course the pilot.

I love the one where BJ meets Burns for the first time with “What say ya, ferrett face!!”

Or when Potter’s horse whinnied and Hawkeye turned to Margaret, “Did you say something?”

Margaret: Isn’t that Frank’s bag?
Trapper: I thought YOU were Frank’s bag!

Winchester is upset that his sister, Honoria, is marrying an Italian. He orders Klinger to do something and Klinger says “Not until you say, OLIVE SKIN MAKES GOOD KIN!”

I LOVE MASH! I discovered it one day on late night TV and got super addicted. Now I’m slowly working on collecting all the DVDs. :smiley: Can’t think of a favorite episode right now though.

The episode where BJ and Trapper protest Charles’ terrible horn playing by not bathing.

The one were Frank wants a homosexual solider to be dishonorably discharged

Where they make a film of BJs family and show him for his anniversary.

When I was a teen, I thought Wayne Rogers was awfully good looking!!

I liked the episode where Frank Burns comes and says to Hawkeye that he is there to relieve him and Hawkeye responds, well you do look like a enema bag…

another funny one is the one where Hawkeye and B.J.(I believe) wired Hot lips’s tent and everyone could hear her and Frank carry on together.
By the way All episodes mentioned so far make me lol.:rotfl:

Three in particular:

The episode in which Klinger eats the jeep.

The letters from the school children of Hawkeye’s home town.

The one when Col. Potter’s friend dies in Tokyo. I lost a good friend just before it first aired.

I love the scene where Burns is driving a tank and cannot stop and runs over a jeep. Col. Potter comes out and shoots the jeep to put it out of its misery. :rotfl:

Mash was a great show until someone told alan alda he could act.! Because then it was nothing but over acting done by him. LOL.

The first seasons were the best. All of them.

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