What is your favorite non-Catholic belief?

I don’t pertain to any religions but I find satanism to be a really intriguing religion. So I’d have to either say satanism or Judaism because my boyfriend is jewish.

What is everyone else’s favorites?

Which satanism do you find intriguing? And what do you find intruiging about it?
As to which is interesting…auhmmm I might have to say Islam, since it’s in the news all the time.

Let me try to find you a wikipedia article on it. Its the LaVey branch if memory serves.

Ok here we go


So its called LaVeyan Satanism.

I smell a troll. :tsktsk:

What do you mean?

Your saying that satanism is one of your “favorite” non-Christian religions appears to me to be an attempt to get a rise out of the folks on this forum.

Could be wrong, but for you sake, I hope I’m not. :frowning:

No I’m not trying to get a reaction or anything of the sort. Have you read on the LaVeyan branch of satanism? its actually quite interesting. When I first found out that they don’t actually believe in the devil and that hes more symbolic that was quite a surprise to me.

Of all the non-Catholic religions, I find Sikhism to be the most interesting. I like Guru Nanak. If I didn’t already have Jesus in the Eucharist, I’d go with Guru Nanak. :thumbsup:

Can’t say I’ve looked into that. I tend to shy away from anything that might jeopardize my eternal soul.

Call me paranoid. :getholy:

lol, alright then. Sooooo are you going to answer the thread? or just call me a troll :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify - I didn’t call you a troll; I just said you smelled like one. Evidently, you either took a quick bath or you are not actually what I smelled. :smiley:

Anyway, to answer your question - I can’t say that I have a “favorite” non-Christian religion. I have been a Catholic Christian my whole life and have never felt the need to do extensive search elsewhere. Once you’ve found the Truth in Christ Jesus, why look anywhere else? :shrug:

So I take it you were raised Christian?

You got it.

Trolls and Luciferians aside, my favorite non-Catholic belief is “sola scriptura”. I tell my Catholic friends I’m an Augustinian because I’m Lutheran. Though I am fascinated with my RC friends, and their theology, I do find it difficult to get around what I’ve been raised believing. Who knows, maybe if I hang around enough I’ll understand?


I was raised believing in Catholicism, but now I’m atheist :smiley:

Why in the world would you smile about that? :confused:

Read thisusminc.org/satanism.html It should take all the mystery and interest out of LaVey and his followers.:stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? plus I randomly add smiles to a lot of my posts… :smiley:

One day you will find out “why not.” I pray that it won’t be too late when you do.

And one day you may wake up from your sleep. I hope it will be some day soon.

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