What is your favorite part of the Mass?


Aside from receiving the Eucharist which should ALWAYS be the best part of the mass. What other parts of the mass resonate with you, bring you comfort, or help you give more glory to God?


I really like the gloria, especially at the vigil.

The agnus is really nice to. And “Lord I’m not worthy…” Always gives me the kick to confess if I’m in need. Those bad feels when you actually aren’t worthy to the extent of not being able to receive.


All of it.


" Only say the word … and my soul shall be healed "


Consecration when we have a portal to Heaven here on Earth-----when all of the angels surround the altar and are in Adoration of Our Lord-----When Father gives Himself as well as the Sacrifice he is offering for the entire Church------When the Church Triumphant, The Church Militant and the Church Suffering are together to worship Our Lord. The greatest gift God ever gave us, HIMSELF!


The Sanctus. Sometimes, I can almost hear the host of heaven singing in unison with us.


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