What is your favorite resourse for

keeping tabs on Pope Benedict XVI?:smiley: What’s he up to? What is he talking about?:hmmm:


Hey Lori,
I Love Papa Benedict. www.catholic.org is I would say a fairly good resource for keeping tabs on Papa; I have an e-mail address with them so I always have to go to the Home site (catholic.org) in order to access the email so it’s always there for me to view! Anyway, God bless you Lori.

I get a daily email from the Vatican News Service, you can sign up here. I also get a daily email from Zenit news service, both combined are excellent for all the Vatican news daily…their web site is zenit.org/english/, click on the Subscribe button on the left hand side.

Alison and awalt,

Thank you for those great resources. I had been reading in other forums that Pope Benedict had said this or that and I didn’t know where to check daily to see what he was up to. I have signed up for the e-newsletters so I can be informed.
Thanks again!! :thumbsup:

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