What is your favorite tearjerker movie of all times?

Calling on all of you who love romance, unsurmountable obstacles, heartbreak and more in a movie.
Which movie is you all time favorite tearjerker to curl up with?

For me:
Waterloo Bridge (Vivien Leigh/Robert Taylor)
E.T. the extra terrestrial
Backstreet (Susan Hayward/John Gavin)
Boys Town (Spencer Tracy)

For me Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni) trumps most anything - the REALLY tearjerky part is just so totally unexpected with all the comedy that comes beforehand … :crying:

I** have seen this movie a few years ago, but it was on the other night…The Pianist. About the Holocaust and one man’s harrowing ordeal to escape the death camps, while his family was taken away. Tear jerker isn’t the word…I sobbed. I was in shock. Even seeing it the second time, and this was a movie. Living through the Holocaust would be unreal. I can’t imagine it. This movie is excellent…I mean EXCELLENT. Not like Schindler’s list, which is more graphic, this is graphic, but more about the mental state of what this man must have been going through. Gut wrenching. This movie was at the top of my list.

Gladiator (that ending!!!:o )
Somewhere in Time (it’s the music I think)
Wizard of Oz (not sure why lol)
Many others…probably mentioned in this thread. But, then again, I cry on Wife Swap, the series, so…:rolleyes: **

“Captains Courageous” (Spencer Tracy “Don’t cry leetle fish, don’t cry don’t cry…” & Freddie Bartholomew)

“Billy Jack” (Tom Laughlin & Delores Taylor) My tears at that one embarrassed my boyfriend at the time, leaving him sunk down in his seat.

“Shine” (Geoffrey Rush)

I was alone to see this one and started crying about a quarter of the way through and at one point I almost moaned aloud “NO, enough!”

The tears didn’t stop with the end of the movie but continued for about 20 minutes as I sat in the food court of the mall waiting for DH to come out of the movie that he’d gone to see. People gave me a wide berth and DH was horrified to see the state I was in when he came out.

Definitely NOT my genre but I think the ultimate tear-jerker is Love Story with Ryan O’Neill and Ali MacGraw.

The book got me more than the movie.

MAD Magazine’s version then ruined it totally. Plus I always had a really hard time with the idea that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

:yup: :frowning:

terms of endearment

Stella Dallas (the one with Barbara Stanwyck)
Random Harvest (Why can’t there be a 21st century voice like Ronald Coleman?)
Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias

Ok, now where did I put my bottle of Prozac? :rolleyes: :smiley:

Dark Victory with Bette Davis.

Oh! I forgot Shenandoah with Jimmy Stewart

Mine is “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

Dr. Zhivago…for the ending

Bridge to Terabithia. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theater during the ending. Even my husband was crying.

Jane Eyre :crying:
A Star is Born:crying:
Cheech and Chong:Up in smoke:crying: ----only because I spent money on it.

I don’t cry easily esp. at movies, but I cry at Dumbo when the mother is taken away. Did not cry at Bambi, I guess being from Michigan where everybody hunts, not a problem.

Just saw Lassie Come Home the other night (the last few scenes) and still tear up when Roddy McDowell hugs his dog.

Old Yeller and the Yearling probably tie for most tearful.

another one I saw, 50s era, with Glynnis Johns, about a Canadian family where both parents die and the oldest son takes his siblings around to the neighbors to find homes for them, then does off to work in the lumber mills, he is about 12.

still find it very difficult to watch anything themed on the Holocaust, but Life is Beautiful has to be on anyone’s top 10 movies of all time list.

The Champ (1979) with Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway & Ricky Schroder.

If you don’t cry at the ending your heart is three sizes too small like the Grinch :slight_smile:

The Ghost and Mrs Muir with Gene Tierney.

Grave of the Fireflys. It’s an anime World War II movie. The emotion that is conveyed in this movie is so deep. You forget that it’s actually anime.
It’s about a brother and his little sister trying to survive after the fire bombing of Tokyo.

Beat me to it–finest anti-war movie ever made.

Same! I cried at the end.


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