What is your favorite thing about being Catholic?


like maybe a favorite prayer, or song, tradition, something you do with the kids..
Just curious :)


It’s hard to say…theres a lot to choose from!

I’m not sure I can articulate it well, but Catholicism helps me be the kind of mother I am proud of being. I’m not sure I would parent much differently if I was not Catholic, but I like having Mary as a model, and I like how I feel when I model Catholic things (prayers, mass, etc) for my toddler.

I think that makes no sense, haha!


I guess receiving the body and blood of Christ is my favorite thing. I also like reconciliation. I love the Sunday obligation and how it means that no matter where I am on a Sunday, I will find a Catholic Church and feel at home there. I loved sending my son to preschool at a convent and how peace filled he grew there. I love adoration and praying the rosary. I love Bible study. I love listening to the readings at Mass and trying to anticipate what the homily will be like. I love the traditional hymns, and even some of the more modern ones.

Lots to love. I could go on and on.


That I could never even consider being anything else

I know this is a cheap answer, but everything!


The Magisterium

The Fullness of the Christian Faith

The Truth

Holy Saints
Holy Priests and Sisters

The Keys to the Kingdom

Valid Sacraments

The Sacrament of Matrimony

Our Papa


I love the History and the old, beautiful Churches. As a Lutheran I don't feel we had that. It's just not the same.

But I also love the respect for the female body that is from the Church. From Mary all the way down to preaching against contraceptives.


The TRUTH and that fact that our church is truly universal. This summer I moved 1200 miles away from everyone I know for an internship. Despite the fact that I was alone, I always felt that I belonged while at mass. I love our church.


All of the things mentioned above are right for me.

It is the completeness, the "wholeness" of Catholicism that is so important to me. It is the connection to the Communion of Saints, not just named saints but my ancestors, my grandparents and someday God willing I'll be there with them. It being part of the Body of Christ, something bigger and greater than myself, that transcends space and time.



Daily Mass!

I go every day during the summer. We have Mass several days a week at my school, which is great. I love going w/ my students.

I'm excited I can go tomorrow at my parish, since I'm off school. :thumbsup:


The opportunity for daily mass is really great. I just recently started taking advantage of this.

I also like the fact that the Catholic Church has been around for over 2,000 years now. The Tradition and unique connection to the beginning of Christianity sets the Catholic Church apart from other branches of Christianity.


[quote="Malia_Belen, post:1, topic:177575"]
like maybe a favorite prayer, or song, tradition, something you do with the kids..
Just curious :)


The Rosary and saying the Creed! :D


The Catholic church supports and encourages the broadest range of spirituality of any of the various denominations. There is certainly a place for everyone in the Catholic church. She is truly universal. As one great Catholic author wrote, “Catholic means ‘Look out. Here comes everyone.’”

Brother Matthew


since the thread is family Life I assume you don’t mean something inherent in the doctrine and practice of the Faith, like Eucharist which of course would be every one of the top ten.

from the family POV, because it makes my family nuts–all cradle Catholics, all but one who have not fallen away so much as taken a flying leap away from the faith

just finished their typical holiday phone call, they even call to jeer on a non-religious holiday but manage to find some anti-Catholic dig even today. I told them we were at church all day and fed 800 people with 60 turkeys–they asked if we began with loaves and fishes, I said no, but I was going to try walking on water, but had too much pie so it might be a bad idea


The family traditions and prayer...The family Rosary we prayed every night when I was growing up and will continue with our children. The morning prayers and Guardian Angel prayer and saying Grace before meals and bowing our heads when we pass a church or a cemetary. Mass every Sunday, Midnight Mass and Easter Vigil to look forward to every year. The Sacraments. Being a part of a huge extended family in the Communion of Saints, with 2,000 years of the most interesting history, tradition and stories that come with it.


I love the beautiful traditions of the Church. My favorite thing to do is to just sit in church and pray before the Blessed Sacrament. There’s nothing like it. I suppose it is peaceful to sit in any church, but we are the only one that has the Real Presence. I also REALLY love the Lenten/Easter seasons of the Church. It just makes me feel so hopeful. If Christ could overcome death, I can deal with anything that comes my way!


i am not Catholic (yet) but i plan on joining the Catholic church in my near future. i watch the masses online. i love communion. to me its a very special time for the family to go together and recieve christ's body & blood. i tear up when they go up there. its beautiful to me. i cant wait until i can go too.


thanks for all your replies. I guess you can say I'm learning about the Catholic faith at the moment and I really enjoy hearing (or reading) about family life and what people enjoy about their faith.


My favorite thing about being Catholic is the sacraments. Where would I be without Baptism or the Eucharist? And, of course-the sacrament of Reconciliation. Because of pride and anger, I was away from the Catholic Church for over 20 years. Thanks to the beautiful gift of forgiveness for sins-I’m back home for good. I have been back home for 8 years, but so much to still learn. :slight_smile:


[quote="Malia_Belen, post:1, topic:177575"]
like maybe a favorite prayer, or song, tradition, something you do with the kids..
Just curious :)


Aside from getting to Heaven, I would say the community of fellow Catholics. I also really like the uniformity in liturgy and the rich history/traditions of the Church.


For me it’s confession, I feel so emotional after I leave.

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