What Is Your Heartfelt Good Friday Reflection


"Our Lord Jesus is on the Cross. His whole body is covered with wounds, His hands and feet are nailed to the Cross; His head is crowned with thorns; for His drink, only vinegar and bitter gall. Although He suffered so much, He knows that many will remain indifferent. This mental anguish is even more painful than His physical torment.

God suffered so much for me. Why am I not willing to give up some worldly pleasure and accept some suffering in this life? I know well that Jesus suffered in reparation for my sins and yet I still go against His will and commit sin. How can I reject His grace and increase His sorrow?

Jesus accepted suffering inflicted by every kind of person. The apostles betrayed Him, the Jews made accusations against Him, the Gentiles cursed Him, and high priests, officials, soldiers and other people all determined to kill Him. Because Jesus suffered in order to save all classes of people, so He accepted sufferings caused by all kinds of people, including all of us. Are we not increasing His suffering by our lack of faith, committing sin and not loving His Sacred Heart?

Where was our Blessed Mother at that time? She was weeping beside the Cross, watching Her Son suffer. This was not just the human love between mother and son. She united her love of Jesus with her love for all mankind, offering [her suffering at the foot of the cross] in sacrifice to God the Father for the salvation of the whole world. Our Lady is indeed the Mother of our salvation.

Each and every one of us should imitate Our Blessed Lady, contemplating Jesus on the Cross. We should offer our sufferings in reparation for our sins and those of others, asking for mercy and forgiveness and not fail to respond to the graces Jesus obtained for us through His Passion."

See Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s Last Homily on Good Friday:


In this Good Friday commemoration the darkest day in human history, the Catholic Church would have us remember that Jesus who conquered death by dying is with us still on our alter as Victim to the end of time. He is our Victim now because that Body made present by yesterday’s consecration is to consummate the sacrifice of Holy Thursday. Just so His Death on Calvary once consummated and made valid for all time the Eucharistic service of that paschal meal, which we call the Last Supper.
In such a way the Church in her liturgical service of Good Friday has dramatized for us the Death of Christ. First the Church has shown us “how all that is written (“of Him”) in the Law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms,” has been fulfilled in every detail. Next the Church reveals the bleeding image of the Crucified while reminding us of the universal truth that only by dying to our own passions in the flesh can Life conquer Death.
Lastly; the priest lifted up for us the actual Body of Christ, immolated and about to be consumed for the world’s salvation. So vividly has the Church thus dramatized the Saviour’s death in these three aspects that, when the liturgy pulls the final curtain of silence over the mysteries, we the faithful who have taken part draw a breath of relief as if we had actually assisted at the very deathbed of one dearly beloved.
Now withdraw with the feeling that we can do no more except to keep the deathless remembrance of it all stored up within us…and of our everlasting indebtedness to the author of Love.


Lord Jesus, I thank You for all You did for me… a miserable sinner. Please allow me to accompany You, this day of Your most Sacred Passion. Please remain ever before my eyes… in my mind… and in my heart.

Lord Jesus, have Mercy on us all. :gopray:

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