What is your main reason for going to church/Mass?

I was thinking of this as a question last night just to see what people say from both sides of the spectrum. (Funny thing is, today at church, our pastor’s sermon was on worship.) What is the main reason for going to church?

I put Protestant/Catholic as sub-sections so I can see the differences between the two. Unfortunately, it only allows 10 options, so I had to combine/eliminate some of my original options.

Jennifer, I’d take the option attending Mass is obeying a basic Commandment of God (Exodus 20:8); and one reinforced by Jesus when he taught His priests to “Do this in memory of me.” (Lk 22:19).

Though Mass is an obligation I’d say the Eucharist is the spiritual experience I am most thankful for! :slight_smile:

Your idea of a “poll” as to why people go to worship/mass/church is interesting but, I fear it suffers from the same problem which most polls do. Human conduct is often motivated by a series or complex of reasons and reducing it to one, or worse still, a multiple choice answer, does not give a true picture. In my own case, I consider the Eucharist an essential part of my life, but I would not go to Mass just for communion and leave, as some people do. The homily is a chance to learn more about the faith and to review personal shortcomings. The sense of community in our congregation is important and something lacking in many Catholic parishes. I could continue, but I think this makes clear my views.
Thank you for the opportunity to share them.

the mass is a chance for me to be with god an to ask him for strengh to get me into the week. the parts of mass that for me is most important is the eucharist, but also the reading of the bible. for some catholic like me this is the only chance we get to get in contact with the word of god through the bible. i always stay to the end. just like in the movies you don’t leave until the end.:rolleyes: the god is my sheperd…:slight_smile:

First thing that came to my mind (which is not on your list) is for love of Jesus. :love:

i go to pray the mass. that option wasn’t up there.

Jesus Christ, because I love Him, He’s all I burn for in this life!

Praticing what I will be doing in heaven, worshiping God with my brothers and sister in Christ.

None of the above…unless Communion after the manner of Friends is acceptable…to sit in the Presence of God and be taught His Word through direct mediation in the Light. To listen to what the Spirit instructs and raise a heart of thanksgiving to the Eternal Source of Life…to wait in the Living Silence expectantly waiting for Him to speak, either through one called by Him to speak in Meeting or share in His Real Presence.

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