What is your most common temptation?


What has been the 3 most common temptations within the last 20 dayS?


My big ones are pride, anger, lust (though this isn’t actually very often nowadays, but I still pray about it a lot) and sloth. The ones I have to fight most often are pride and sloth. I hate those. I hate all of them, for that matter, but I just feel like I hate these two more because I have to fight them the most frequently. I guess I’d add gluttony as a #5. That can be a problem too.


I think gossiping should be included.
Sexual sins are a great temptatation for the younger folks, but the elderly? puh.



Good point about the gossiping . . .

Though I’m glad that’s not one of my biggies. Though I don’t like the ones that ARE my biggies :(.

Hey, I have a thought! Why don’t we make a poll about our VIRTUES! That would be funner :D.

j/k about it being funner :(.


Don’t be so sure. A co-worker recently told me her mother, during a routine exam, was found to have a small breast tumor that was very slow growing. Because of her advanced age, 93, it was decided they would do nothing. During this visit my co-worker was shocked when her mother let every know she was glad she wasn’t having surgery because her boyfriend, 95, really likes her breasts.:thumbsup:


For me it’s always been sloth.

I’ve always been the laziest person I know. It’s been a lifetime of struggle.


In the face of evil, anger isn’t a sin. to act on anger is. Cool off first. :slight_smile:





Yeah, I know, but sometimes I act on it :(.


Mine are anger and gluttony. Wouldn’t gossiping fall under murder since you’re “murdering” somebody’s reputation?



I think there definitely is a connection between those deeds. They’re both about tearing somebody down, though obviously they’re different extremes.


I didn’t read closely enough to notice that anger was lumped in with murder, so I was surprised to see that choice so high in the responses. I think murder is much more extreme than anger. I’ve been angry many times, but never so tempted to murder someone that I had to talk myself down from committing it.


Hoosier, Jesus made the link between anger and murder, for murder is an extreme expression of anger. They are one sinful state of mind, only murder is a much more intense version of what most people feel.


Enjoying the whole container of double churned ice cream,instead of stopping with
just one bowl.:wink: So, yeah, guess that would fall under the old term of gluttony.


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