What is your most recently bought CD?

I don’t buy CD’s all that much–not for a long time. I have to really like at least 3 songs on the album, to consider it. But, I have greatly been getting into Christian rock, it is really quite good, and moving!

I recently bought Jeremy Camp’s latest cd, with the song Let it Fade on the cover…and the WOW Christian CD–has two cd’s in the pack and wow…here are some songs to check out on you tube to see if you might want to get this:

Mercy Me–I Can Only Imagine
Jeremy Cemp–I still Believe
There are others, I’d have to grab the cd, which is in the car.

Anyways…have you bought any new cd’s recently…and have any recommendations? I like all types of music. Plz share.:slight_smile:

Mary Gautier Mercy Now

Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl

I enjoy alternative-country/roots music. Fortunately, I live in an area with an awesome public radio station. They play terrific music which simply doesn’t get much air time on commercial stations.

Hi Dale;
Any songs that you recommend? Can I hear them on youtube?

Christina Aguilera Back to Basics

I heard that was her best yet…she has a terrific voice.

It is fab! I am trying to talk DH into getting tickets when she is back in Pitt

Haven’t bought any for quite a while, but the last I listened to was Gretchaninov’s All-Night Vigil Vespers (Op. 99) - absolutely sublime stuff.

The last CD I bought was a Filipino language learning CD, which I’ve listened to once (the first chapter) and put aside, since I have a lot of homework for my Master’s degree. :rolleyes: I really do plan to learn to speak Tagalog / Filipino. Maybe in the new year…

Well, the next ones I plan to buy are a nice recording of the Bach motet, “Singet dem Herrn ein Neues Lied,” since I have to sing it in a small group in March, and it makes it so easy to learn when I sing along with the recording. (We only have about 2 rehearsals - it’s the pros!).

And this week, I’ll be getting a couple of copies of "Anthems For All Seasons, " by the Choir of the Church of the Redeemer - my choir! It’s pretty much our repertoire from last season, recorded on three nights (three hellish nights) last spring. There’s some really gorgeous stuff on there - the Mendelssohn Ave Maria with the tenor solo done by a young man with a wonderful voice. There are a couple of Charles Wood anthems, and a bunch of other great stuff. I’ll give one to DH and one to DD for Christmas.

The actual last one I bought was probably the Durufle “Requiem” and “Four Motets on Gregorian Themes” - heartbreakingly gorgeous.


Well, I actually bought these from Amazon MP3 and burned the CDs myself:

Bawdy Briny Ballads: Oscar Brand Sings Sea Porn


Songs of the Civil War

Mac OS X 10.2 Panther was my last CD. Tiger was issued on DVD.

“Seasons Greetings From The Grand Canyon” by Nicholas Gunn

just received as a gift the Divine Mercy chaplet, with both sung versions we are familiar with, so we can start teaching the HS students to get ready for DM Sunday.

bought on vacation, at the Solanus Casey chapel, a CD for Eucharistic adoration, a great collection for meditation, we have used parts of it twice for retreats. Got from my brother set of complete symphonies of Jan Sibelius (one includes the theme used in the hymn Waters of Life).

A 4 CD set hat included the following two separate releases:

Vivaldi: Concertos Op.8
Vivaldi: La Cetra (Op.9)

I just purchased “Noel,” by Josh Groban. His voice is beautiful & right up there with Andrea Bocelli. My next one will most likely be something by Michael Bluble.:slight_smile:

Carl Marshall, ‘Taking it to a Higher Level’. Except it hasn’t gotten here yet :juggle:

It’s some good, old-fashioned funk. I couldn’t believe he only released it four years ago.


Dethalbum by Dethklok


SQUEE!!! I want to get that for DH
But I am broke :frowning:

Yes! A great c.d.!!! He does have a wonderful voice.

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