What is your opinion of the Irish Republican Movement?

I have heard different people say different things. I have been studying this conflict for months and I am having trouble forming an opinion on the Conflict. What is your view? Thank you and God bless.

Which IRA? Before, during, or after The Troubles? The Provisional IRA? The Real IRA?


During the Troubles and before. I am also just referring to the movement in general. Thank you for your response.

As an Irish-American, I was a supporter of it. I note that this was often a bone of contention between Irish-Americans and Irish citizens living in Ireland, because Irish-Americans tended to support the movement but did not have to actually live in the country where all the conflicts were going on.

Still, Ian Paisley said and did so many loathesome things that even my Presbyterian MIL could not stand him. (She did have an Irish Catholic father but was Presbyterian her whole life due to her mother’s influence.)

There were many legal injustices. I particularly remember Bobby Sands and his companions dying in prison. I pray to them all regularly.

Having said all that, I’m glad Ireland is now at peace, has moved on and hopefully will be a united country again soon.

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