What is your opinion on Catholic Charismatic movements


I have a friend who is involved in a Catholic Charismatic Community.

I do not know much about it, and I would like to get a back ground in it before talking to him about it.

I was raised in a conservative liturgical community who tended to look down on that sort of thing. I am afraid I might make a silly comment, or appear judgmental if I do not have all of the facts. I thought I heard of one such organization being shut down in Steubinville. It appears that different Charismatic movements emphasize different aspects, so I would like to know if they are all equally valid, or if there is abuse involved in some of them.

Any clarification would help.

Also, I would like to know your personal opinion on the subject.

Feel free to comment below


I am interested as well. As a recent convert from Evangelical/Fundamentalist Protestantism my only experiences with "charismatic" movements or churches were of the Pentecostal/Holiness milieu and these, more often than not, left me with something of a bad taste in my mouth. In my experiences the believers involved seemed to be more focused on themselves and their emotions or experiential satisfaction than on God.
My question is: Are charismatic Catholics different and if so, how? (Besides the obvious differences between Catholic theology and non-Catholic Christian theology). What makes certain Catholic settings charismatic and others not? I have heard of the charismatic movement within Catholicism and am interested in learning more or possibly checking it out for myself. I guess it's the word "charismatic" that scares me a little, given my own personal experiences pre-conversion.


I am one of Charismatic Catholic member from a religious order. Without them, I may not know the rich traditions of the Catholic Church. Without them, I may not know what is a novena, Eucharistic Adoration, Tridentine Mass etc.

I do recommend it for people to ‘discern’ first before joining charismatics groups. I joined the charismatic group based on a religious order, that made me a little ‘safer’ because they knew what they should and shouldn’t do during Mass, cathechesis etc…

One should discern whether their spirituality suits charismatics spirituality or not. Like discerning for a vocation, one should discern for their spirituality as well. :slight_smile:


Two sources of information.




Are things like this at all typical?


I was once a member of a huge charismatic community with different chapters for about 5-7 years. However in our group/ chapter there’s just about less than 10 families. Our “elder” comes and visit us have some teachings on different topics, including tithings of 10%. I would say it did help me in my prayer life as well as to surpass difficulties. My husband is in disagreement of it because every time he attends the emphasis were in tithings to the community and fund raising to the community. I left because my cousin n I found out something I would just say the opposite of the teaching of forgiveness and the priest who was the spiritual director was treated wrongly n one of the ambassador that defended the priest and corrected them was being despised. That ambassador left as well, but maybe it’s for a greater calling coz she is involved in a mission also in a charismatic community but following Mother Teresa’s footsteps. She is much happy serving God. And for us ( my cousin and I) we now entirely support our local church instead. To choose a community needs prayer and guidance. However, my sister who belongs to the same community but in different chapter even if she knows the facts she still remains because she has grown spiritually, her friends are there, they have so much fun every week. She does not give her 10% tithe to the community although she gives some but she gives more to the church.


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