What is your opinion on Lady Gaga?

I know that she known for her shock art. I was wondering, do you think her music is good to listen to? I know she gives the message of equality for all people, and I think that’s a good thing. Do you think shes a good or bad influence? Would you let your children listen to/watch her music? Do you listen to her? Are you a fan of her message? opinions please

Well… considering she’s “in love with Judas”, and she runs around in skimpy clothing wearing dangling crosses from her breasts, I’d say she’s not on my good side. Just my :twocents:

Yes she certainly should lose that part

She’s a talentless hack who compensates for her lack of talent by being as controversial as possible. Without auto tune technology, she would still be unknown.

I tune in to whatever talk show she’s on just to see what sort of outlandish outfit she’s wearing. Other than that, I’m not a big fan of her music.

Whats really sad is that I have read she was a cradle Catholic. :eek:

My opinion is she will not help you to grow in holiness, therefore, it is not a good use of the time God gave us to follow her through videos or audio.

There are more productive ways to use our time and we will have to give an account someday - possibly soon.

Yhup. You ever see her “Alejandro” music video? Katy Perry(you know- “I kissed a girl, and I liked it” and “last Friday night”?) even said it was too much I think her exact words were “using blasphemy in a song is about as corny as a comedian telling a fart joke, yes I said I kissed a girl. Not I kissed a girl while f***ing a crucifix”

Anyway, I think lady gaga is just a glorified attention-whore, and hopefully her 15 minutes of fame are almost up

sarcasm alert

I think there is a good possibility that she, the Cardassian/Kardashian sisters, and some others are actually space aliens masquerading as humans to prove to their leaders that real humans are a bunch of gullible fools.

sarcasm off


You are correct. Hence me listening to game music rather than Lady Gaga. All she ever does is shock content to overcompensate for her lack of talent.

Sadly, the Obama administration is helping the likes of her out.

I recently had a discussion with one of my friends about her. I do like how she has a good cause she’s working for and all, but I don’t approve of every aspect of the cause (I’m against bullying, but don’t like how she supports homosexuality, or how she only focuses on bullying against homosexuals; that’s very good, but there’s more to bullying than that).

I most certainly do not approve of her lewd use of sexuality, and think her videos are not altogether a positive. I will never like her sense of style, though it is not necessarily always morally bad. I really disliked her Alejandro video, and found it totally inappropriate. I suppose she seems to me to be a seriously misguided woman, who supports an (all in all) good cause. I can’t draw much more of an opinion than that, not knowing her personally.

I would not let any of my children watch her videos, at any point, and would question letting them listen to her songs. But I could say that about most popular singers these days, so it isn’t a specifically Lady Gaga prejudice. I do think the influence she gives would be a sort of mixed bag. There are the good values she supports, alongside the seriously misguided ones. Personally, I don’t really like her music.

Gaga by name and nature… They would have to tie me to a chair and pout my head in a vice to watch this type of “entertainment” I like good bands with talent … even Metal bands and some Goth… particularly “Nightwish” who I think have a rare talent :slight_smile:

Regardless of what her “message” is, I don’t care for her music nor her image. I would not willingly let my children listen to her.

I would say that perhaps some of her individual songs have a message, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that translates into her as an artist. Even if it does, the bad that comes along with it makes it not worth it. A song like “Born this Way” may have some redeeming qualities in promoting positive self-image; however, that phrase is so inextricably bound up with the homosexual agenda that I think it’s impossible to listen to that song without immediately calling to mind how it is undercutting Catholic moral teaching. Maybe not everyone looks at the song that way, but I doubt I’m the only one.

I don’t have much patience for shock artists unless they have the talent or sense of humor to back it up. Lady Gaga has neither.

I have two issues with her:

*As a musician, I feel that she’s not being as original and groundbreaking as she could be. She’s a skilled musician but she could be doing more to transform music. Now I understand that yes, she is pushing boundaries. But I don’t think she’s doing so in the same way as her glam forefathers did (I’m thinking people like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Freddy Mercury, etc.) While I don’t know if she looks to these particular musicians as influences, they all were revolutionary forces in popular music. While she’ll be influential, I don’t see her transforming the sound of popular music like they have.

*The image she presents is too hyper-sexualized. While I understand this may be one of her signature selling points, I think such an image doesn’t help an already hyper-sexualized culture and youth.

As for her lyrics, I can’t comment.

Nightwish. Now there’s a band I can get behind. :thumbsup: A song like Storytime is theatrical but with purpose.

Of course, I fully admit that I am totally biased. :slight_smile:

What really makes me sad is that Lady Gaga was raised Catholic. :frowning: I actually saw some vocations magazine a few years ago that highlighted Lady Gaga as a “success story” for Catholic schooling. :eek: They had a quote from her and everything.

Be forewarned, I am a bit of a music/art snob, so my commentary won’t be very nice. :smiley:

I echo what others have said here. Her music is banal and mediocre. Her claim to fame is how “weird” and “eccentric” she appears to mainstream audiences. I find it hilarious that so many people think she’s some kind of musical/artistic genius. It speaks volumes about the state of our culture.

Anyone who wants to be considered “deep” or “artistic” nowadays just follows the same formula: a) be as superficially eccentric as possible (wear shrimp helmets and other ridiculous costumes.) b) attack cultural sensibilities on a very base level, and usually without any real counterpoint to the ideology being attacked (“Judas” anybody?)

It’s shallow and pretentious.

On another thread earlier today I was talking about the industrial group Skinny Puppy. Their music is very misanthropic and horrific, and their concerts are very visual, with the lead singer also wearing alot of eccentric costumes, etc. and engaging in some very disturbing performance art. However, the music and the performances are very clearly intended to be commentary on things like political corruption, nuclear proliferation, pollution/environmental issues and animal cruelty (one of their most infamous routines includes lead singer Nivek Ogre dressed as a surgeon performing a very graphic mock vivisection on a stuffed dog).

Even though I disagree with alot of their views and their music and performance is a lot more “offensive” than Lady Gaga’s, I have 100 times more respect for them, because they are actually trying to make a serious statement. Lady Gaga’s just trying to court controversy and build a cult of personality. To put it very bluntly (and crudely): she’s an attention whore.

If I had children, I would let them listen to Skinny Puppy long before I let them listen to Lady Gaga. I don’t think she has any real “message”. The “everyone is special” sentiment, true is at is, is one I personally think she spouts as another part of her campaign for fame, as now she’s a “role model”, too. That message is already preached in every day care, elementary school and public institution in America. I don’t need a woman dressed like a lava lamp to affirm my or my hypothetical childrens’ self worth.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Thanks for reading my tangent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a fan of her or her music.

Like some of the songs Lady Gaga does. If a musician has talent, then I’ll listen to the music, even if the politics are wrong. Lady Gaga is a talented singer. Music is best when it comes out the 1st time. My guess is that most people who listen to music does so because it sounds good & don’t care about the politics of the singer just as if a movie is good, most people who see it don’t care about the political views of the actors.

You exressed my sentiments pretty well. For all the talk of these female “artists” and how “empowering” it is, it is actually conforming to the mainstream and is very conventional. I view Pink in the same way. (ie all the talk about “girl power” What is so empowering about her music anyway?)

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