What is Your Opinion on This Marian Apparition?

I am Vietnamese, and I just found out about this Marian apparition in Vietnam, on youtube just the other day. But I do not know if it’s real or not, because it was recorded so far away. This was recorded in 2007, I think, according to other sources that I read. I have never heard my priest, or anyone else talk about this apparition; maybe b/c it is actually located in the mountains in Vietnam. I will show you a picture of the statue of the Virgin Mary. And the youtube video of what they recorded. The youtube video, if you pay careful attention, the statue of the Virgin Mary comes alive, and her dress floats in the air. The old man is crying and screaming “Jesus Mary.” They also were also screaming that her dress is turning blue. They also screamed that the Virgin statue turns. What are your opinions???

This is the picture of the statue of Mary:


This is the youtube video of the Miracle:


Well, the first thing to note is that there are no messages here, so I think it’s okay to post this. This looks a little like the events in Zeitoun, Egypt. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Wait and see what the bishop determines. But there are numerous miracles being reported in Asia and Africa, in places where the people never heard the Gospel before. If the “Christian” West deems itself unworthy of God’s salvation, then God will take His Covenant and give it to a people who will bear fruit for His Kingdom. It’s happened before. God bless.

There are about 5 million Vietnamese Catholics in Vietnam, and the rest are either ancestor worshippers, buddhists, or communist atheist. I hope the apparitions are true. But the thing is, if it is real, the communists tend to take Catholic property in Vietnam, ruthlessly. Also, the communists might try to detroy the statue. They have taken many church property before, and I don’t doubt they will take this sacred property (it is not a church, it’s a mountainous region.)


I am a Vietnamese Catholic as well (as one could conclude from my username which is Vietnamese for “Francis Xavier”).

I think its evident that something is going on in the video.

Do you have anymore information on this event? Did the Holy Virgin speak or do anything?

It could be a cloth that people wrapped around. The reasons i do not know whether it is real or not, is b/c i don’t see any of them running to the statue during the miracle. I thought that people, when seeing a miracle would want to come close and touch it or something nor did they kneel. Do u also notice some laughing in the video? I do not know if this is a village fraud or not. I really do want to believe in it, but I am not sure yet. I hope there’s an investigation into this.

If that really happened then why is the crowd totally disinterested. Nobody is moving or doing anything.

I don’t believe anything supernatural is happening. We don’t need new messages from Mary, do we? It is so easy to hold Catholic beliefs up to ridicule. Beware of the hoax.

I don’t need a sensational miracle to believe in. I have ordinary miracles in my life every day. There’s nothing harder to explain than the blessings and graces that I obtain every day, which can have only God as their source.

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately its a fake. In several places, you can see an arm wrapping an altar cloth around the statue.

So I guess it was a whole village fraud. I just can’t believe why they would do that.

Yeah I’m not entirely sure either. Maybe it was just whoever was making that video that was just perpetrating the fraud. I think that most of the villagers were probably just making a pilgrimage or something, and a few people decided to make a joke of it or something. I can’t be sure though.

That guy in the video sounds funny though…and also he says that the statue turns blue – which it doesn’t.

And the guy also says that the statue is turning. I showed it to my mom and she said she “saw” it turning, but I didn’t see anything. LOL

To be honest, I thought that I saw the head turning as well, but I think its just a trick of the eye.

In Viet Nam, there tends to be a lot of supposed Marian apparitions, all of which I believe are not recognised by the Church. I believe in La Vang I think, but the rest I do not believe in. They seem to far fetched, and have no real meaning behind them, like all the real Marian apparitions do.

There was one supposed apparition of Mary in Tra Kieu, Vietnam, during the Great Persecutions. I don’t know what to think. But it was about these soldiers, by the order of the Emperor, who were trying to kill (don’t remember) the members inside a church praying the rosary, by firing canons or something at the church. While they were firing the canons, they saw “a lady” walking on top of the church, and none of the canons touched the church, so they left. Later on, they came back and told the parishioners that they saw a lady on top of the church. But…who knows?

Perhaps a moving statue (as is actually being described by the Original Poster) can be likened to a miraculous icon that weeps, exudes myrrh, or renews.

But such phenomena are NOT the same things a apparitions.

From silver_vault: The sighting of Virgin Mary is real. Only through God can a person know this. Also, this is not a statue with a cloth on it in the wind! You can tell that the action of the cloak is transparent. And for a better closeup for you to believe in the after life, sorry; if you can’t believe your own eyes and your own heart, you will never be able to believe in the heaven that you cannot see. I have been visited by beings and have had visions events to come that have come to pass already. The second coming of Christ is near! We are in the “begining of sorrows” that is mentioned in the book of matthew chapter 24. All of the recent earthquakes are part of this last event. No one knows when the exact time will be for his return. But, I think less than 50 or 100 years is all that remains before he arrives again. Take heed and cling to the lord for the time is very short.This message is directed to all the posting from everyone on this video. Thank you, and may Christ be with you.

I’m weary of any apparitions unless the Vatican approves it.

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