What is your parish doing for Fortnight for Freedom?


My parish has pulled out all the stops. The priests have a white binder with many resources provided by the USCCB. Our parochial vicar has added the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel after the dismissal of the Mass, with the intention of preserving our religious liberty, to be continued after the Fortnight ends. We are using the suggested General Intercessions at every Mass. Both priests are giving inspiring homilies on the message of religious liberty, and how the laity can take action. They are promoting the USCCB website. The back cover of our bulletin two weeks ago was a full-page flyer with the Fortnight4Freedom.ORG website and a list of seven events being celebrated: six Masses by our two bishops and a drama about the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. We have a special Litany for Freedom which we are praying every hour in Eucharistic Adoration and again at Benediction.


Sorry to say, I have only heard one sermon by our assistant priest touch on the subject.


Our parish has had Eucharistic Adoration every weeknight since the fortnight started, and the priests have been offering confession during the adoration time as well. We also had all night Adoration on Friday night, from 8p Friday to 7a Saturday. We had three different speakers talk this afternoon in our social hall on subjects related to religious freedom, and we're going to be having Adoration again tomorrow and Tuesday night. The priest from our parish who did the sermon this week had a "sermon before the sermon" talking about how we are here in this time, in these circumstances, due to God's providence, and that while we should continue to pray for the laws of God to prevail over the laws of Man, we should not lose our peace and trust in God during these trying times.

Also, my priests are kind of awesome.


We're having a Mass on July 4 and the Priests have encouraged everyone to attend, and we watched a video recorded message from our Bishop a couple weeks ago.


On opening day, we had a big parish rosary on the front lawn, in front of the flag pole. The parish Boy Scout and American Heritage Girls were there to do a flag raising. After that, we said a Rosary and sang both hymns and patriotic songs.

There has been a daily rosary in the parish and our pastor has encouraged fasting and additiional prayer. We will conclude with a similar outdioor event to the opening..


Daily Mass followed by Eucharistic Adoration for two hours, rosary hour, wonderful sermons, inclusion of the bishop's letter on the subject in the Sunday bulletin and today we sang patriotic songs before and after Mass which moved many to tears. :thumbsup:

Down the road, at another parish, nothing. :eek:


At an old parish of mine that I attended this weekend, we had a special prayer service tonight including the Rosary, Litany for Religious Liberty, and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Not sure what my current parish did, or the Latin Mass parish downtown ... My bet is that the Fortnight for Freedom was mentioned in both, as these parishes are pretty good.

(Was out of town last weekend ... Parish in Indiana prayed the Litany for Religious Liberty before Mass.)



I voted for the last option but it's really something in between options 3 and 4. They are ringing the church bells every day at noon. Last Sunday the homily was on religious freedom and the Fortnight. (This Sunday it was not mentioned). I am not sure if they are adding anything to daily Mass as I do not attend. They are distributing the Fortnight prayer cards every Sunday and today we prayed the prayer together after Communion. Tomorrow a prayer service is being held at 7 pm.

Our parish already has two daily Masses each day, a Rosary every day, and perpetual adoration.

As far as I know, no public action type events or speeches are being held on behalf of the parish. But I am happy with our level of involvement.


Promoting the Fortnight for Prayer, and a special Mass on the 4th of July, at the request of the Knights of Columbus. :extrahappy:


My parish has mentioned it in the prayer intentions but that’s it.


I was given a button at the rally for Religious Freedom a couple of Fridays ago. I display it on my handbag. I have not seen one other since the rally. What's up with that?

Also bumper stickers are needed. Father Z has them for sale on his blog. Why aren't they being sold in the back of the churches?

We Catholics need to be visable. How many wear a medal that can be seen?

How many priests can be identified by a Roman collar or clerical garb when they are out in the secular world?


You missed one option in the poll:

They’ve mentioned it, and have done a few things for it.


At the parish where I attend daily Mass, the homily is orientated around the Gospel reading/religious freedom and we pray the Litany for Religious Freedom at the POF. My usual parish has had prayer and adoration for a couple of days, but not too many attended.


[quote="Holly3278, post:10, topic:290034"]
My parish has mentioned it in the prayer intentions but that's it.


My priest refuses to touch politics in any way, shape, or form. No mention of it, only the Diocese-required bulletin insert. I have no opinion on the subject.


We did many prayerful things, but as a parish did not take any public action. So somewhere between options 3 and 4.

We prayed the rosary before every Mass - usually we have a few groups that pray after daily Masses based on their group's schedule - this was for the whole parish.

We prayed the prayer for the Fortnight at each Mass also. We have daily adoration, but on both Fridays it was extended.

The priests discussed the meaning of religious liberty in their homilies, but did not neglect the Gospel.

Unfortunately I had several work commitments and we had family things so did not get to Mass every day during this time as I has wanted to.


[quote="Holly3278, post:10, topic:290034"]
My parish has mentioned it in the prayer intentions but that's it.


Same here. Also, the prayer put out by the bishops was included as an insert in the bulletin in the June 24th issue.

It's been mentioned, but not overly emphasized.


That’s too bad. Politics is an integral part of all our lives, whether we want to recognize it or not.


[quote="superamazingman, post:17, topic:290034"]
That's too bad. Politics is an integral part of all our lives, whether we want to recognize it or not.


Absolutely agree. Especially today, we are about to lose our religious freedom and it is
up to us to preserve what God has given us.


[quote="superamazingman, post:17, topic:290034"]
That's too bad. Politics is an integral part of all our lives, whether we want to recognize it or not.


Totally agree. What is up with that? :confused:

I do not recall the bishops ever taking such a stand as this. I believe it is historically significant. I also believe that they can see something coming.

My parish put out a flyer from Wallbuilders. You can get it on www.wallbuilders.com entitiled "What we Catholics must know....These are the facts with footnotes....America's Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President" which lists 43 acts of hostility and eight acts of preferentialism for Islam.


Im glad that our pastor, too, doesnt bring politics in. And he made clear just the other day why he doesnt.

Politics has become extremely toxic. Both sides. The breaking of the 9th Commandment has become a disease in our culture. And both Dems and Repubs do it without blinking.
It’s not a healthy thing to inject into our parish life.

That doesnt mean he isnt clear on the Church teaching. He is very clear. But it doesnt bring in the politics of it to poison our community.

And I am grateful.

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