What is your schedule for The Triduum?

***I am so excited…I just asked for tomorrow off, and it was approved! I’m so happy. :slight_smile:

My kids have this week off for spring break. I have Good Friday planned with a day of prayer, fasting, meditation, and watching the Passion of the Christ. Kids and I plan to be silent during the 3 hours that Christ was dying on the cross.

But, tomorrow, I’m not sure. I plan to attend the 7pm service, but what about all day? I have always worked, pretty much, on Holy Thursday. Any ideas?

What are your plans for The Triduum? ***

Does your diocese have a Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday? Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to get to ours :frowning:

If not, perhaps do something low-key - spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament or something.

I believe the chrism mass is being held at another parish, not close to where I live…I think I will spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, though. I hadn’t thought about that…good idea, thanks Lily!

Tomorrow at 8am is the Tenebrae service at my TLM oratory and I have never been to one and in a thread here they said it lasts about 3 hours…and is very moving. Tomorrow is a 7pm Solemn Mass at the same oratory.

Friday morning at 8am is Tenebrae, followed by Stations of the Cross at 11am, Liturgy at 3pm and Dolorosary at 7pm,all at the oratory.

Saturday morning is Tenebrae, again at 8am and I will be going to my NO church for Easter vigil at 8pm.

Sunday morning is High Mass at the oratory.

I have to work on Holy Thursday so it will be business as usual during the day. I’m going to a soup supper at my parish after work and before the Holy Thursday Mass. The Holy Thursday Mass is one of my favorites. It’s truly beautiful (as every Mass is, but there is something special about that one).

After Mass, I’ll pray at seven different churches at the Altars of Repose. I did that for the first time last year and fell in love.

I am off work on Friday. We get a half of a day off anyway, but I try to take the morning off as well so I can attend all of the Good Friday services. Along with prayer, fasting and abstinence I am going to the Living Stations of the Cross at my parish. I will have some time between that and the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion later that day. I also plan to maintain silence. I won’t be silent all day, but definitely during and after the Living Stations of the Cross.

On Holy Saturday, I am going to have some fun. I’m taking my three young nephews to my parish for an Easter egg hunt then off to McDonald’s or something along those lines for lunch. I go to Easter Vigil each year to celebrate most importantly the resurrection of Our Lord, but also the anniversary of me entering the Church. I have since moved from the parish where I originally receive my Sacraments of Initiation, but have always gone back there for the Easter Vigil. This year, I am going to go to my parish because I’ve realized the importance of me welcoming the new members at my current parish. I want to give them my support.

Obviously, I’ll get home quite late Saturday night. I will sleep in a little on Easter morning. Then, all of my protestant family will go to service. I’ll meet up with them after they are done to have dinner and things of that nature.

It’s going to be a busy yet amazing three days. The Triduum has long been my favorite liturgical season (since I joined the Church).

WG, that is great to have Holy Thursday and Good Friday off. We are trying to make Mass and Confession this week.:slight_smile:

Hey also yesterday was your 3 year anniversary on CAF congratulations. I know others are very glad like I am you are here and such a great and kind contributor.:thumbsup:

Definately my favorite tme of year!!! :thumbsup:

Its also very busy as a musician although I would still be at most of the services, even I was wasn’t involved. On top of everything, we have family from out of town staying with us.

Monday I had rehearsal at my parish. Yesterday I sang at the cathedral for the Chrism Mass. Thursday and Friday I sing at my parish. I actually was able to take Good Friday off from work. I play at Easter Vigil and 2 Masses on Easter. My daughter is in the childrens choir, so she’ll be at the 8:30 Mass with me on Sunday.

I’ll go to the 8:15 Mass Thursday morning for those who cannot attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. The rest of the day will be normal stuff. Then, early in the evening, I’ll sing the Maundy Thursday service at the Episcopal church and proceed afterward to choir rehearsal. When that finally ends, I’ll head over to the Cathedral for adoration until midnight. At midnight, they have night prayer, usually with a small men’s schola singing some Renaissance music. It’s wonderful until the priest takes the Blessed Sacrament out of the chapel and leaves us all alone. I never fail to break down crying at that. Then home to bed without Letterman.

Good Friday morning, I’ll sing Morning Prayer at my own parish. At noon, I’m going to the Episcopal church to hear one of the best preachers I’ve ever heard. Although female and non-Catholic, she’s still the best - each sermon is as beautifully composed as a symphony, and I’ve not heard her say anything objectionable - yet! Just my luck, she’ll turn into a radical nut Friday when DH is with me. Then we’ll go to the Passion service at 3:00 at our parish, which DH helps with. Then dinner, then Tenebrae at our parish, where I’ll be the cantor.

Holy Saturday I’ll spend baking and cooking for Easter. I’ll try to slip out and go to Confession around 11 in the morning. Then I’ll be the cantor for the Easter Vigil at our parish, and I’m singing the Exsultet! It will be a struggle to get through that without crying, too. I’ll have to indulge in a tearful rendition of it at home for myself, then concentrate on some musical technicalities while I sing it at church to stay composed. After the vigil, off to Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts for a treat!

Easter morning, I sing two services at the Episcopal church, with a nice breakfast in between. Then pack up my goodies and take them to Easter dinner at our cousin’s house.

Happy Easter, everyone!


I have to work on Maundy Thursday, but I’ll be attending Solemn High Mass at 7:00pm
Good Friday will be a day of prayer, and fasting, then service at 3:00pm ( I was given the day off)
Saturday Solemn High Mass at 10:00pm
Sunday Solemn High Mass at 8:00am

Since the days are national holidays here in Norway, I’ll get to attend everything - but my question is this: if the Sacred Triduum doesn’t start until vesper on Thursday (as per ancient Jewish custom) does that mean I can do housework tomorrow morning? I don’t do housework on holydays, but if I can tomorrow, that means I can squeeze in another load of laundry tonight, to be folded tomorrow.

I decided to take off the two days I was scheduled between now and Easter. I am falling woefully behind on some things. I am one of two musicians on the English side of this week and the other just broke his hand. I have five Masses/services. I intend to let each of them be as worshipful as possible.

*oh my gosh, you are right. I can’t believe it…three years flew by!! :smiley: Thanks for the kind note…you are a great contributor yourself. *

Due to pastoral reasons, I kicked my tridium off already! I attended the Chrism mass at our cathedral this morning, then tonight we will have Evening prayer and a parish gumbo at my church. Tommorow, I will pray all parts of the Liturgy of the hours, then assist Fr. at mass. Friday is a day starting at 7 am in front of the tabernacle (no chapel in my parish) until 12 when we begin our Stations of the cross. Then at 3 pm is the passion service. after that, i will probably stay at church a little longer. Saturday is fasting until the vigil mass which I will be serving at and then BAM! easter sunday with mass in the mornign and family all day! horray!

oh and, setting up church decor every night for the next day! woo-hoo! (i’m on the arts and enviroment committe in our parish)

Whatevergirl, I thinks its great your having your kids so into it the way you are. I’m going to the 7 PM service on Holy Thursday, Then I’m staying for Adoration(church is open til 11PM), On Good Friday, I’m going to the rosary, then Stations of the Cross,then the service in the afternoon, then live stations Friday evening. The Saturday evening vigil service then the early service on Sunday morning. All at my favorite church. I wish I could go to the early 10 AM Chrism mass tommorow but my car is getting fixed then.

Do you realise that the Blessed Sacrament is not in the tabernacle on Good Friday? The tabernacle is to remain open and empty.

Can someone tell me what you do as far as fasting/work on Holy Week. I know you’d fast on Good Friday but how about Thursday and Saturday? Do you stay away from working/playing as you would on the Sabbath on any of these days? I’m a little fuzzy on that. Thanks

not like the actual tabernacle. the reserve tabernacle in the rectory.

***That’s kind of you to take your nephews to an easter egg hunt…aw! Remember that when we were kids? My dd still likes to do that, but with money in the eggs. The stakes are higher when they get older. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering something. The seven churches. I forget the significance of this…this took place in Pittsburgh, also…just can’t recall the meaning behind traveling to the seven churches. I always wanted to see what that was about, and just never did. :frowning: You sould like you have a great schedule planned…have a blessed Easter. ***

You don’t ‘have’ to fast on Holy Thursday or Saturday, but I plan to fast, now that I’m off of work, tomorrow–I am planning for a very silent, reverent day tomorrow, on Friday as well…and then Saturday, we are attending the vigil this year, instead of Sunday mass. In a weird way, I’m hoping for rain tomorrow and Friday…it just seems fitting for these somber days ahead. So, John–you can start your own tradition, by fasting tomorrow and Saturday, if you like. The Good Friday fast is mandatory for people between 18 and 59.

Oh my gosh, you are so busy for the Triduum betsy…how awesome! We have so many singers and musicians on here…it’s great! We are not cooking this year, but I should make Italian braided bread…you know with the colored eggs tucked in it? I need a good recipe, my sister can’t find the one we had in the family for years. I hope you have a very blessed easter…and try to find some downtime to relax a little. :smiley: :hug1:

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