What is your Spirituality?

Many make the mistake of saying Catholic or Protestant or another religion. these are religions, not spirituality. Spirituality is how your religion manifests itself in life. There is for instance Franciscan Spirituality. Many Protestants follow the way of St Francis. Love for all creatures, simple life style, reaching out to the poor. Some folks claim to have no religion and yet have a spirituality.

Please share your spirituality…
Deacon Tony SFO

By your definition, the spirituality I profess to is Benedictine. I am a Benedictine oblate, a lay person associated with a local monastery who joins with the sisters and other oblates periodically to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, study the holy rule and its application to daily life, and meditate with scripture with the ancient technique of lectio divina. We are supposed to do this daily and I am still struggling to make this a habit instead of a sometime thing. We also support the sisters in their ministry which is a pro-life witness.

A good distinction. I would probably define mine as Benedictine. Though since I happen to study Franciscans for a living (I am an historian), I’m a bit “infected” thataway, if you see what I mean! I console myself with the fact that a remarkably early depiction of St. Francis was a frieze in the cloister of Mont Saint Michel, the home of my particular Benedictine spirituality.

I find St. Benedict’s Rule to be applicable remarkably often in everyday life.


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