What is your "Sunday Best"?


A the very least, my rule of thumb is “long pants and a collared shirt”. This can include polo shirts, jeans (clean and without holes), and my tennis shoes (which are grayish-brown, so they don’t stand out). I may also wear black loafers or cowboy boots.

I feel more appropriately dressed if I wear an Oxford shirt and dress pants. I wear a coat and tie when I usher.

I always shave and use cologne.

What about you?


On Sunday I try to wear a dress. I am always in the choir and am almost always the psalmist.

On Saturday evenings, when I am the cantor for the mass, I generally wear a nice shirt and slacks because I sit and stand so often and don’t want to fuss with a dress in front of everyone.

For funerals, where I am frequently the psalmist, I always wear a nice shirt and slacks, usually black, whether the funeral is a mass in church or a service in the funeral home.


I always wear a skirt or dress, and I dress my girls in skirts or dresses as well. My 11 year old daughter has begun to push back about wearing a skirt or dress, so I’ve been on the lookout for nice dress pants that I consider acceptable for church. (The only pants she has right now are jeans or leggings.) I’d prefer a skirt, but it isn’t a battle I’m willing to fight, as I don’t think it is really that important. As long as she’s dressed nicely, I won’t be unhappy.

My husband and my boys always wear khakis or dress pants, with collared shirt (at least). My husband had to be nudged into this standard, so I don’t push too hard. :slight_smile: My eldest son has lately taken to wearing button-down shirts and occasionally a tie.


My “Sunday Best” is made of the fabric of my soul, not of the textiles or style of my clothing; it is how I am disposed in mind, heart, and spirit to receive the Lord!




I just wear normal clothes. I wouldn’t dress too casually but I wouldn’t really dress up. I have a mental list of a few things I’d never wear but I’d be fine wearing a t-shirt and normal pants on a warm day and a normal hoodie if it was cold. Might sound very strange to you guys but here we pretty much all dress like we would if we were going to the cinema with our friends. Dressing up for mass isn’t a thing here. You’ll never see anyone wearing something they wouldn’t normally wear.


I don’t have one.

I usually look like a tramp, it’s too late to change.

Jumper normally.


The only clothes that I think are unacceptable at Mass are those with vulgar/blasphemous words or symbols and clothes that reveal too much of one’s body. I think a coat/tie or a suit in this day and age can signal someone is trying to put on a show (which is none of my business) or they seek authority depending on the location. Wearing a coat and tie in NYC is a lot different than a small town in the West for instance.

It’s interesting to understand the history of the suit. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_suits

Wearing a coat/tie or suit as an usher can actually have a detrimental effect I think. When I arrive at one church the ushers are all wearing suits and sports coats, many of which are mismatched. It almost seems like they are dressed for a funeral. Another church I attend has their ushers clad in nice khakis and oxford shirts or pullovers with the name of the church tastefully embroidered over the heart. Very inviting.

To answer your question, clean long pants and collared shirt.


My “Sunday best” is my everyday away-from-home clothing. But I’ve noticed that my everyday clothing is more than what some people can manage: kerchief, modest blouse, long skirt, shoes or sandals, depending on weather.

The way I look at it, we are all children of God and I should dress appropriately so as to not embarrass all the other children of God whom I meet when out-and-about.

That is not what I wear at home. I’m no Donna Reed, doing housework in pearls & heels! Especially since some of my “housework” consists of shoveling manure and working in the woods. :wink:

But there is no reason for me to go into town, whether to Mass or for grocery shopping, dressed as if I’ve just come from the barn.


Well Stated - - and that disposition effects how I choose to dress to enter the temple and throne room of my Lord and King.

Currently my Sunday best is Khaki pants, White shirt and tie (always pinned with my grandfather’s tie pin - God rest his soul), Black suede, a grey and black sports coat and black loafers.



My standard is business casual. No jeans or sneakers.


I usually wear either a skirt or nice pants,dressier shoes,jewelry,really for 9:15 Mass,pretty much dress up,My husband usually wears a shirt and tie with dress slacks and sport coat.
Sat. Eve.,much more casual.


jeans and sneakers. my best is not what i’d prefer.at all. it’s all i have.
although i found a skirt and sweater, it was a struggle to wear shoes to my father’s funeral.
extraordinarily painful.

i’d prefer a dress with shoes as my Sunday best…


A dress or skirt, typically. Sometimes when it is super cold I will wear pants. My shoes differ. I will wear flats, heels, riding boots, dressy sandals. It was super cold one time and I wore a cardigan and khakis. It all depends on my mood, really. I would never wear lounge clothes or a work out outfit to Mass or shorts. I have wore jeans to a vigil Mass with a dressy shirt.


I am handicapped and I can’t wear just anything. For example I can’t button shirts so I wear western shirts with snaps, or pull over shirts or jumpers. I have several tattooes from my more "colourfull’ days so I wear long sleeves regardless of the weather.


Anything other than jeans and t-shirts is my Sunday Best. So, sometimes that’s a skirt and top and other times it’s casual slacks and a top. I don’t normally wear spaghetti strap, tight or short clothes, so modesty is not an issue.


I’ve read all sorts of reasons and explanations for dressing up for Mass, and they still don’t make any sense to me. So if it were up to me, I would wear my regular clothes to Mass - including jeans and flip-flops. But I try to follow along with what other people are wearing at each of the churches I usually attend. So when I go to Latin Mass, I don’t wear jeans or flip flops - it’s skirts below the knee and sandals or boots (I don’t own any slacks, but if I did, I wouldn’t wear them to the Latin Mass either). My son wears long pants and polo shirts.

When I go to a more casual NO Mass, I wear whatever I want - a skirt if I feel like it or jeans if I don’t. And usually flip-flops - they are my staple footwear. :slight_smile: My son wears a clean t-shirt and shorts to casual Masses.


Thanks for making an effort sometimes even if you don’t want to but going to Mass is the most important thing you do in life. If you want to present yourself to God in jeans and flip flops that’s up to you but personally I’ll stick with a suit and tie or sometimes just slacks and a shirt with a tie and sweater or jacket perhaps. There is no such thing as a casual Mass; the purpose is always to bring a little part of heaven to earth.


Good Points here…but I will differ with the idea that there is no such thing as a “casual mass”. While it is true that the mass is extremely important, a mass can be said in a very casual setting. For instance a papal mass in Yankee Stadium…
It does not lessen the dignity of the mass, but can certainly suggests a somewhat different choice in attire.



Once upon a time people dressed nice to go to the game too. I’m sure some still do.

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