What is your take on this?

I was at a gathering yesterday and got to talking with a young woman in her 30’s who teaches 2nd grade at a Catholic school. She was born and raised Catholic. After much conversation with her she told me that she and her husband lived together for four years before they were married. They did not marry in the church, have 2 children that have never been baptised, and she’s expecting their 3rd in 6 months.
From what I gathered, she has no intention of getting any of her children baptised and essentially doesn’t believe in the faith anymore. (Obviously) She flat out told me that it’s “just a job to me.”

It was on the tip of my tongue to ask her if the nun who hired her to teach was aware of all this, but didn’t as it’s none of my business. Yes, she teaches religion.
Can this be “right” ??? How can someone who teaches catechism to 2nd graders do so and NOT be a practicing Catholic ??? Do Catholic schools not require their “Catholic” teachers to be practicing Catholics anymore ? This seems very deceptive to me and makes me wonder what the parents of her students would think.

That is craziness… This upsets me because the education of youth is in danger and no one seems to care in the administration. Technically, she can be teaching the correct things, but it could be better if someone who was struggling to uphold the Faith would teach.

This also is why I hate when churches hire professional musicians to sing the Liturgies… It sounds beautiful yes, but I think that voices of Catholics who are seriously trying to practice the Faith is much more pleasing to God (the music is for Him after all…). Same with those who teach in schools.

It is a deep and abiding frustration for me that our so-called Catholic teachers are some of the least catechized or evangelized people around.

I have taught in Catholic schools for years and know this first hand. You are seen as somewhat of a freak if you espouse, promote or preach the teachings of the Church.

In fact, I saw more genuine spiritual searching in prison when I worked there as a Chaplain, than in the school system.

Wow…very disturbing. I can’t imagine why she would even want to teach at the Catholic school?:shrug:

The Catholic grade school I atended as a child terminated a teacher for living with her boyfriend outside of marriage within the past 5 years. It is possible that the school you are discusing is unaware of the type of catechesis being modeled by this teacher.
May God bless our Catholic schools and use them to save many souls! Amen.

Personally, I send my son to a Catholic school to be in a CATHOLIC school. I would be furious if I found out his teacher didn’t give a d**** about the Church!:mad:

What surprises me more in your story, however, is that she’s probably taking something like a 50% cut in pay compared to what she could make as a public school teacher. So why exactly is she teaching in a Catholic school? :shrug: I teach in a public school because I can’t afford a 50% cut in pay as a single mom.

Pray and pray and pray…there’s just not enough time in a lifetime for all the prayer that’s needed in our world.


I wondered the same thing about why she would want to teach in a Catholic school vs. a public school. Maybe it’s the economy and shortage of jobs. She did say that the principal of the school ( a nun) taught her when she was in high school…so she probably made it sound like she was still a practicing Catholic.
The whole thing still makes me cringe.

I agree - the school administration may not be aware of her personal situation.

If my old principal Sister Ligouri at St. Mary’s knew, she would get swats from the Holy Paddle!

Could it be ‘you get what you pay for’?
Maybe she could not get a job anywhere else…

This is not right. I’d talk to the principal, she should know exactly what goes on in the school. It is beyond shameful that a person with such beliefs and lifestyle teaches religion in a Catholic school. What a joke!!

I went to a Catholic high school where there were a couple of teachers who were not Catholic. However, I live in a very rural area, and so we had to make do with what we could find. Yes, the best thing would have been to have all practising Catholic teachers, but that simply was not possible in my small, small town. The non-Catholics never talked about their own beliefs (they were some other Protestant denomination, I believe) or tried to convince us that Catholicism was in the wrong.

Although, none of the non-Catholics ever taught theology at my school, and I find it odd that a rather fallen away Catholic would be teaching the subject.

. . . California.

I know, right ?
However, it wasn’t always like that here.

This may not be of interest to others but since you list Calgary as your locale, it’s worth mentioning. That was always the impression my mom got from the teachers in Calgary Catholic (or Calgary Separate as it was called) when i went to school. Now my sister teaches in Christ the King School Division (in the virtual school out of Okotoks) where the attitude is the opposite.

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