What is your view on Catholics vs Protestant Ireland stuff on the past


Obviously i am glad that this has ended. But just overall curious. I saw like a cartoon of Captain Planet episode on it. From what i heard online a protestant could be distinguished if they had blonde hair, and catholics usually brown hair. This was not in the actual cartoon where it was more based on what names you had. But just overall wondering your views on it as a whole? I think personally that humans are borned to fight for things they think are right… but in the end it just seems ironic. So to me fighting religion with religion is silly. But fighting for humanism in terms of politics how a country should be run i agree with.

I am just wondering your views?


This statement, like many things one reads online, is complete baloney.

Catholic v. Protestant Ireland stuff was very contentious for many decades and some of us have family who lived through parts or it, or fled to USA to get away from it.

It is difficult to watch old documentaries on it, especially given that some of them were put out by British outlets that were to say the least biased and the bias is evident in the way the story is told.

I regularly ask Bobby Sands and his companions who died to pray for me. They will never be canonized saints but I consider them heroes.

I am glad that things are more peaceful, but this conflict that went on for a very long time is one reason I will always continue to uphold the US Second Amendment.

That’s all I got right now.


You want to murder people in old blood with your gun?


No, but I feel strongly I should be able to own a gun without being tortured or thrown in prison for simply possessing it, or there being a suspicion I possess it.

The main reason why the gun possession was a constitutional right was because the guns were a way to revolt against the government if one wished to do so. That is also the historical reason why gun ownership was suppressed, to prevent revolt.


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