What is your viewpoint of what Heaven is?

I am not familiar with what other faiths viewpoint of what Heaven is, what we do when we get there etc… Since I already know what my faiths viewpoint on it is I don’t need anyone telling me which I am sure some will try to do so anyway. I would rather enjoy hearing your personal views of what heaven is.

Hearing Jesus absolve me of my sins - Heaven

Receiving Jesus into my body (mind and soul) through the Eucharist - Heaven

Watching babies being baptised into Christianity - Heaven

Celebrating the Marriage Feast of the Lamb at every Mass - Heaven

Accepting the Holy Spirit into my soul at Confirmation - Heaven

Accepting my place in the Communion of Saints - Heaven

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So I’ll just post the All Saints Icon as my response to what I think Heaven is…

Friend PeanutBono: I think this is a wonderful post you have started. A beautiful way for people to share what they see. I will offer my view of heaven if I may:

Being agnostic, I have no religion, but I am exploring it. I have hopes. I think heaven would be state of being. A state of being where people saw God in other people and served them as though they were Him. A state of being where people saw God in themselves, and because of this defiled no one, including themselves. I see it as a state of existence where all of creation is realized to be a reflection of God, and hence all things sacred. A realization of the connective nature of all things, where love for God means love for others and love for others means love for oneself. The latter always being the hardest to achieve without the realization of our oneness. To me, heaven is the ability to see all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord. This person becomes a true knower of things. What is there as illusion or anxiety for him? This person experiences heaven.

That’s how I see it, but that’s just the way I see it. I look forward to seeing what other people share, and again I thank you for having such a lovely thought as to invite people to share their inner thoughts on what heaven would be.

Thank you,

since i’ve never been there, i can’t tell you:D but its where the Holy Trinity and the most Holy Virgin dwells. that i do know:)

What he said.

“Watching babies being baptised into Christianity - Heaven”

----I would also say a Newborn’s Smile—Heaven.:angel1:

Here is what the catechism teaches us on the matter. It is the culmination of almost 2,000 years worth of revelation, insight and inspiration on the subject:

2548 Desire for true happiness frees man from his immoderate attachment to the goods of this world so that he can find his fulfillment in the vision and beatitude of God. "The promise [of seeing God] surpasses all beatitude. . . . In Scripture, to see is to possess. . . . Whoever sees God has obtained all the goods of which he can conceive."344

2549 It remains for the holy people to struggle, with grace from on high, to obtain the good things God promises. In order to possess and contemplate God, Christ’s faithful mortify their cravings and, with the grace of God, prevail over the seductions of pleasure and power.

2550 On this way of perfection, the Spirit and the Bride call whoever hears them345 to perfect communion with God:

There will true glory be, where no one will be praised by mistake or flattery; true honor will not be refused to the worthy, nor granted to the unworthy; likewise, no one unworthy will pretend to be worthy, where only those who are worthy will be admitted. There true peace will reign, where no one will experience opposition either from self or others. God himself will be virtue’s reward; he gives virtue and has promised to give himself as the best and greatest reward that could exist. . . . "I shall be their God and they will be my people. . . . " This is also the meaning of the Apostle’s words: “So that God may be all in all.” God himself will be the goal of our desires; we shall contemplate him without end, love him without surfeit, praise him without weariness. This gift, this state, this act, like eternal life itself, will assuredly be common to all.346

2551 “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Mt 6:21).

2552 The tenth commandment forbids avarice arising from a passion for riches and their attendant power.

2553 Envy is sadness at the sight of another’s goods and the immoderate desire to have them for oneself. It is a capital sin.

2554 The baptized person combats envy through good-will, humility, and abandonment to the providence of God.

2555 Christ’s faithful “have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires” (Gal 5:24); they are led by the Spirit and follow his desires.

2556 Detachment from riches is necessary for entering the Kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”

2557 “I want to see God” expresses the true desire of man. Thirst for God is quenched by the water of eternal life (cf. Jn 4:14).

Sources listed:

344 St. Gregory of Nyssa, De beatitudinibus 6:PG 44,1265A.
345 Cf. Rev 22:17.
346 St. Augustine, De civ. Dei, 22,30:PL 41,801-802; cf. Lev 26:12; cf. 1 Cor 15:28.

Since, through the fall from grace at Eden, sin and death entered the world, neither will exist in heaven. Since God is our origin and our end, we will be completely fulfilled only by standing in His presence. However, there is much more that remains a mystery than what has been revealed. Faith and hope bridge the gap for faithful Christians.

All right, man! Great to see you have an Eastern Orthodox view of Heaven! ;):p:thumbsup:

I was looking for this subject on the other thread did not know you meant another thread.

To me heaven means like restoring a relationship and being at peace. Like talking it out and coming to a peaceful knowledge that we don’t have to hate each other or say I’m not speaking to you again ha and so not being in anger but working it out is heaven.:slight_smile:

Six very simple things:

To know and love God,
To know and love others,
To know and love ourselves.

I can’t think of anything better, and it will take eternity to do it. Can’t wait.

It’s a community structured on supernatural bonds between it’s members. The members of which include persons of human, angelic, and divine nature.

The bond of heaven originates in the Father, eternally unites the Son and the Holy Spirit and draws all creation to share in it.

I don’t know what heaven is going to be like…I believe it will be “different” than what I know now. I do not believe in “streets of gold” or “gates of pearl”…I don’t believe angels burn incense before an alter…or that there are strange creatures surrounding the “throne” of a God who is Spirit…do spirits need thrones? I believe I guess…I will one moment be in this world…and the next stand in the Presence…and experience All and Everything that phrase means…“In the Presence”…there will be no time…just one Eternal Now…it is beyond conception or description…and if the “afterlife” is nothing but Void…then I will join with the Void…and if my life “ceases” with my metabolic death…and there is Nothing…I’m ok with that too…whatever it is like…it is inescapeable to experience the Transcendence we all Return to.

it will be just like revelations tells us its going to be like just read it.

also its going to be a place where we are in perfect communion with the triune god.

Heaven is the Beatific Vision, seeing God as He Is and participating in the life of the Most Holy Trinity; communion with the Divine Persons began in Baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ. In Heaven the Indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity in the soul is now no longer seen “through a glass, darkly” but with the light of Glory, the soul immersed in that Glory with all desires fulfilled because it has but one desire: God Himself.

I, like PeanutBono, would like to hear what others view heaven to be like.
I see some have pointed to specific events in life, and I too have use similar phraseology comparing things that bring joy in this life to heaven.
I was wondering how this translates to an eternity in heaven. I understand heaven is supposed to be full of joy, but keep in mind there are those of us that are not catholic so it may not give a good picture of what your view of heaven is like.
If I may ask, what will one be doing in heaven? or is there anything to be done? what will the environment of heaven be?

Others have used pictures or concepts that may be foreign to non-catholic readers, so could you please give more of a description of these things?

I realize that there will be a lot of speculation, but it would help to better understand what others are looking forward to.

@ Sufjon - Beautifully put. :slight_smile:

To me, Heaven is synonomous with Nirvana and is a state of bliss. When one basks in the Presence of God, illusion begins to dissolve and there is Love. Unity is experienced, for subject and object merge and there is no longer a need for conceptual thinking or duality.

Thank you Friend First Thought. Very beautifully put on your part as well! All illusion dissolves - I think you said it well!

Heaven is the absence of pain.

My view is that is a perfect communion with the Holy Trinity and the entire Communion of Saints…Its the purity of God’s love and peace…Of which we simply cannot comprehend at this point…

It’s partaking of His Divine Nature and being like Him…

Having been both a devout Mormon for many years and now being a devout Catholic I can and do see the distinct difference of the two prisms…Mormonism sees it as a continuation of this life but in an exhaulted state…that include the work and mission of becoming a god and having your own worlds and populating them with your own spirit children and going thru the same pattern as we have here…

That is not what I see as heaven now…

Since the traditional Christian prism and Mormon Christian prism are so vastly different it’s not that easy to bridge that gap and explain…

Friend Richard735: I hope you’re not saying that because you are in a lot of pain. It sounds like you might be. If you are, then God bless you, and I hope you get better soon.


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