What is your vocation or which vocation are you discerning

We are all called to a vocation

Which one are you living or for those of us who are in discernment to a vocation, which one are you discerning?

I, like all of the baptized, am called to the universal vocation of holiness.

Beyond that, I am married and have children. My primary vocation, thus, is to the married life and to life as a father.

My secondary vocation, that which allows me to sustain me and my family physically, is that of teacher.

May the saints and holy angels pray for us all.


I have been married for 4.5 years, and am currently trying to determine if it is God’s will for me to become a deacon. I love being married, but whenever I truly try to discern this calling my heart just… I can’t really explain it. It just feels complete and everything else just melts away - thoughts, concerns, etc. I had a vocations director tell me to give him a call, and we did talk, but he is very difficult to reach (busy people from what I understand), so I haven’t really been able to get much guidance on the matter.

I’m 22 and discerning life as a Religious Sister. :p:nun1:

I was born to be a mother so motherhood is my vocation, wife comes second to my children:D:D

Diocesan hermit.

I’m living the single life right now, but feel called to be married in the future.

I like that answer. I’ve felt called to fatherhood more than marriage, so if I never find a wife I might adopt.

Lived single celibate life (private vows to evangelical counsels) 30 years now - with spiritual direction by priest religious. I live a specific way of life with my own Rule of Life.
Home Mass for receiving and renewal of life private vows 8.9.14 Feast Nativity of Mary (with permission of Archbishop and Vicar General).
Previous vocation wife and mother (marriage annulled). Vocation to motherhood is lifelong.

I have never really seen the Church declare that singleness (outside of religious life) is an actual vocation. I know there are different views.

The vocation I was called to was marriage. But due to circumstance beyond my control, I remain single

(Sort of like those men who have a vocation to the priesthood, yet ignore it and get married anyway)

Discerning the call to the priesthood. 17 years old right now.

Discerning the call to join the priesthood. To be a servant of God is above all in my life.

Been married a lot longer, but the pull of the call is the same. May God bless you and I ask you to pray for me during my diaconal discernment.

I am praying for you. God bless.

The men who got married and ignored the vocation to priesthood now have the vocation of marriage whereas single people who are not religious do not have any vocation.

Singleness is the default state we are born in.

The one question I have is that are people who neither consecrated religious or married, living in sin?

I’m a religious AND a priest but I could only pick one.

I am happy and I am praying for you Father.

I have no choice other than what God has called upon me to do.

Ya sorry about that I should’ve allowed multiple.

I know that I’m being called the the priesthood, but, due to unfortunate circumstances (mostly to do with mental health-issues), it’s the single life for me, which isn’t too bad: more time for charitable works! :juggle:

Good morning Vincent. I will say a prayer for you this morning.

Thank you, Lucas. I will say one for you, too. (:

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