What is your way of keeping a forgiving attitude?


Today gospel talk about forgiving others. And we know that in 'Our Father" we ask our Father to forgive us AS we forgive those who sin against us.

During the explanation of today’s gospel I realised that I don’t know much on how to forgive. Like the poor servant, I can walk out of confession and get sad or angry against a particular action or attitude of my neighbor.

What is your ways of forgiving others or keeping a forgiving attitude?


Frequent confession helps me a lot on this part. The more often I go to confession, the better I see about myself – a sinner yet God’s child.

In the morning, before heading out my door to go to work, I pray the Our Father and ask God to use me as His servant - to bring His Peace and Love to others especially those I have failed to do. Also, I need to be reminded that without Him, I am nothing - St. Bernadette said to herself sometimes “I am good for nothing”.


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