What is Zoroastrianism?


So I know that Zoroastrianism is a Persian religion whose origin might even predate Judaism. I have always had trouble with this religion because some of the basic tenents of Judaism and Christianity are eerily similar to Zoroastrianism. In Zoroastrianism you have angels, an all powerful god, a heaven and hell, and a final judgement. Why the similarity?


Look up Zoroaster. Learn your heritage.



It is the Persian religion of ancient times. It is named after Zoroaster, also called Zarathustra. Some scholars believe that Judaism took on some Zoroastrian influences after the captivity in Babylon, as they were freed by the Persians. There definitely are some similarities, such as angels and judgement. In fact, some scholars believe that angels in Judaism didn’t have wings until after the captivity, but that would discount the winged cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant. More likely is that God is God and some people got parts of the truth. There are also some key differences; such as the fact that their God figure, Ahura Mazda, and their devil figure, Angra Maniyu, were supposed to be two sides of the same being in some interpretations. There are some hints of Aryan influence on Zoroastrianism (there is argument as to whether Zoroastrianism predates the Aryan invasion or if it is entirely Aryan. )


So am I to believe that Judaism was an off-shoot of Zoroastrianism? GK Chesterton said that we owe God to the Jews. But in reality, we owe God to the Zoroastrians?


Great information. Peter Kreeft once said that if there are multiple witnesses with similar stories, then you can be sure that they all point to some truth. If there are multiple witnesses with wildly different stories, there’s no way for you to know the truth. Perhaps that applies here?


Also the Magi (wise men) who brought gifts to the baby Jesus were Zoroastrian priests, who believed that the Lord Christ was the promised redeemer in the Zoroastrian scriptures.

I think one could surmise that God sent prophets to other peoples of the world than just the Israelites.


Of course. We all come from the same place you know. The loins of the first human King, Adam. Magi or magicians saws he star in the east. That wasn’t astronomy. The were like the essenes expert astrologers. The ways of God hidden from the eyes of men. Except the wise. Now the Essenes said Jesus was “a” messiah and there are several more to come. Jesus even said there would be those to come after him mightier than him.

 If you are to know these things they will be revealed. God's ways are not ours. He speaks to who he wants as he wants. The thing about this area of the world these religions influence each other. So many Zoroastarian concepts and Babylonian, Persian so on melted together with Judaism. And later Christianity. 

God Bless +


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