what it comes down to-JWs and Catholics


Jesus said if you ask you will be answered, if you seek you will find and if you knock it will be opened. JWs who come here with a sincere and open heart looking for truth will find it. But the JWs who come here to argue, count their time, or just troll, are wasting our time. If a JW comes here looking for real answers, after praying and being directed by God, they will only identify themselves hesitantly because technically they are not allowed (by their organization) to be here at all or to question their beliefs at all. So folks–by their fruits you will know them.
There is no convincing a JW of the truth unless they want to be convinced—their hubris is beyond imagination!
So stop allowing them to put us thru our apologetic paces for nothing. We are not failing in our attempts of apologetics, they are failing in their attempts to ridicule. Jesus said that He knows His sheep and they will hear His voice and they will come out—if they are not coming out to His glorious fullness of truth in the Catholic Church–they are simply not His sheep.
I am not wasting my time with them anymore, I wasted 34 years. If I can hear the Lord’s voice and come out then anyone can. Let them do it like I did. On the internet, reading books, talking to real live priests. There are no shortcuts–you have to put in the work. You have to want it.




Actually, I kind of like it. It’s like having a sparring partner in boxing.

Also, I have learned a lot about how they work, so I will be better prepared for when they come to my door.


When a JW comes to my door, I have one main questions for them:

“Would you be willing to enter a religious dialogue with an apostate member of your organization”?

If their answer is “yes”, then I’ll speak with them. If their answer is “no”, or if they him-and-haw then I tell them they’re “not welcome”. I’ll apply the same principal to my involvement in this forum.

If you want to learn to effectively respond to their arguments, then by all means, talk/post with them. For me personally, I’ve talked with them enough to know how they’ll respond in many situations. Their answers are all canned as they’re all just pawns for a 1+ billion dollar publishing company. Too bad so many innocent children have died because they couldn’t have a blood transfusion.

BTW, I’ve never had a JW say yes to my question.

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