What it means to practice heroic virtue


What does it mean to practice heroic virtue? Well, if you ask me, Father Spiering took a few steps in those shoes. I know some here at CAF have bad feelings about this so I thought I’d bring it here in the form of a thread. So, what do you think about Father Spiering dismissing the gay couple from his parish and reporting them to the Bishop, etc.? Yea or nay?

The article the explains it is here: billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/priest-removes-gay-couple-from-volunteer-posts-in-lewistown-catholic/article_adad9376-8d28-5fb4-8a49-ba48f696cda9.html



I’m always leary of newspaper or even 3rd party reports of instances.

As I understand it the priest was acting in accordance with church law which we all should agree, although my method would have been, knowing there would be a backlash, contact the Bishop and get his backing ahead of time, not to say he did not. We will see. :slight_smile:


Afer all, Fr.Spiering didn’t make the rules, Jesus Christ did. No one wishes to cause pain or conflict, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Are we true to Jesus Christ, or do we put ourselves above him. He is very clear on explaining the rules of marriage. I have a problem understanding that the gay couple lived a homo-sexual life, which is a sinful situation, but yet became involved in church activities, received Communion? Did any priest ever explain to them the seriousness of the situation before they were dismissed, they lived in the parish for some time? I can understand desiring the benefits of civil rights, and for the sake of expediency the state adopted the policy to let them marry. What a mess and a wrongful way to settle the issue. Our thinking politicians? We can’t judge, but the Church must remain strong to the teachings of Jesus Christ. This has caused the Church a lot of suffering, and persecution, it’s the same with abortion. It does take a lot of courage in spite of public opinion to stand by your Catholic Christian convictions, sometimes even to die for them, as St.Thomas Moore did when he refused to go along with Henry VIII. Secularism is so Godless.


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