What items are used by a Catholic Priest for the Mass?

This question was really hard for me to answer, so I thought it would be best to ask the experts. :slight_smile:

Grape wine, wheat bread and Apostolic succession(that is valid Holy Orders) are the essential for the consecration. In addition to this the priest will have vestments(a chasuable, a stole, an alb, and possible a mantiple and beretta as well), a chalice and paten will be used to contain the Eucharistic species which will be placed on a piece of cloth called a corporal. The books used in the Mass are the Roman Missal and the Lectionary. Candles must also be used when Mass is celebrated and incense can be used as well

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I hope we don’t have any priests with berettas celebrating Mass. :smiley: Without a license to carry a concealed weapon they would be in violation of many laws. OTOH, you might find some wearing a biretta.

Also a crucifix and altar cloth/s. Three used to be required,two small cloths and one large, not sure about now!

One white cloth is required. A cloth of the appropriate liturgical colour may be used but must be topped by a white one. A corporal will be placed on top of that white cloth when the altar is prepared during the Offertory.

Also for vestments, possibly amice and cincture. Other items include the wine and water cruets, small bowl, purificator, and finger towel. Extra hosts for Communion of the faithful are stored in a ciborium.
Other items that may be used (mostly required in the Extraordinary Form):
Bells, communion patens, chalice veil and pall, and burse.

(Spell check didn’t know the words amice, purificator, or burse!)

I believe the liturgical use of a beretta is sometimes justified. As long as Father removes his biretta before he stands up and then takes careful aim that is! :smiley:

Our old priest carried a Smith & Wesson. Not during Mass but when he was riding the "gang " lawn mower. Wore a baseball cap and smoked a “stoggie” too.

He was apretty rough guy having been a prison chaplin for 20 years.

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