What Jesus saw from the cross


I was received this via email today and think that it is worth sharing. I want to say upfront that it is not something to watch with the little ones around. Having said that, for me, it was a good reminder of why Christ died on the cross and has caused me to reflect on the hurt that He must have felt enduring all of our sins.

He is truly the definition of what it means to be a man!



That’s an interesting take. The videography was great! I have to say, though, that Jesus likely saw that before he went on the cross too. There was always greed, atheism, paganism, murder, etc. It’s just new technology today.

But it was very very good, and I was moved by watching this. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for posting the link.
I would never have seen the video otherwise.

Holy Good Friday to you and yours.
Our faith is our treasure.

Blessed be God, now and forever. Amen.


Oh…that was very good, thank you for sharing. Yes, it is for adults only.

It made me think that each of us, throughout the course of our lifetime, experience our own miseries and hear of others’ broken hearts and problems, and it crushes us. But compare that to what Christ took on Himself: all the sins, sorrows, heartaches, loneliness of every single person ever created.

You said it perfectly: “He is truly the definition of what it means to be a man!” He is THE MAN.

Thanks again,
Easter blessings to you and yours.


Yes, He is definitely THE MAN!!! This video really moved me and it truly is amazing all that Chirst took! It truly is!


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