What jobs can I take as a faithful Catholic?

So I owned a Catholic retail goods and bookstore the last couple of years that recently closed. I am back on the job hunt. My educational background is religious education/theology related, but right now, I am simply trying to find a job! Money may not be everything but it is something! :smiley:

Anyway- Let me get to the point. First, I have a good chance at getting a job at a State of Colorado university’s local interaction type center. The position I would hold would primarily be keeping the center open, and scheduling and being present in the building for any groups that hold meetings there. Everything from agricultural organizations to educational type events, etc. Here is the kicker, ANY organization, it seems can meet there. Organizations such as the local health department schedule meetings and meet there. This is where the moral quandary comes in to play. I would be the one scheduling the meetings, etc. That is a big part of the job, again. Generally speaking, some organizations do things that run counter to the moral law. The local health department promotes birth control, and may/may not encourage abortion depending on the circumstances. What if an entity like planned parenthood wanted to meet there. Listen, I am not trying to go off the deep end here, I just hope someone gets the jist of what I am saying. In summary, is a job like this setting me up for sinful cooperation with evil?

Lastly, because I figured this fit in this new thread as well as anywhere, I was at one time in the past a grocery store checker. In that light, what about cashiers at stores? What happens when they are checking people out who are purchasing contraceptives (abortifacient or not). Are they thus sinfully complicit in the evil the customer is committing?

It seems it is becoming more and more difficult in 21st Century America to hold jobs in which one is not in one way or another cooperating with evil. :frowning:

Congrats on your new position! (I’m praying you will be offered the job!) if you were to turn down every job that might, in some minute way, go against a social teaching of the Church, then you would be without a job forever! Working at a large university is very cool in that you will have opportunities to move up or transfer to other departments. Good luck!:slight_smile:

I have gone through a lot of this over the years, and eventually came to the conclusion that there is almost no job out there that will not at some point put you in direct conflict with your Faith. So what to do?

I have worked as a teller, but learned that banking is a shifty business. I would do that work again if I had too, but I did hate it.

I am currently getting ready to do respite care for a disabled patient. But that can be problematic if the family is ok with a disabled person being sexually active. In this case that will not be a problem or I would not do it.

I really think that sticking to Catholic Institutions is about the only way to avoid some aspect of your job not conflicting with the Faith. Try Catholic schools, Universities, and Churches. You could look into things like flower shops, waiting tables, and other general service work, but the pay is limited. Eventually you may simply need to take the job you get offered and realize that you can’t control all that you are asked to do.

I know that I have over the years given up jobs as to practice my Faith in a pure way. It has kept me fairly poor frankly, but my conscience is clear.

Not all banking is shifty business. Just as not all Catholic Universities are ‘safe havens’ for the Catholic faithful.

This would probably be a great question for the Ask an Apologist, or for your local priest. At best on here, you’re going to get educated guesses, or varied opinions, and this be one thing you need your mind set at ease from a priest or someone like that.

I understand where you are coming from though.

Thank-you for the replies. I often read forum threads, but rarely post or ask questions, but I thank-you all. I am going to ask an apologist/priest to shed more light on this for me. This is definitely an area in which I need to better understand Church teaching.

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