What kind of a sin is kissing?

My friend is seriously dating a girl, however he kissed another woman who is not his girlfriend and he is catholic. I’ve talked to him and he is sincerely sorry yet will not tell his girlfriend.

What kind of sin is that (kissing another woman)?

Would he be ok with you asking this on a forum?

Anyway I heard in a sermon that a Pope condemned the view that passionate kissing before marriage is a venial sin which means its mortal. The priest said if you had no idea your culpability is reduced but its still grave matter. Maybe not the popular view but a Pope said that and he sounded VERY firm. The reason is that such actions lead to more so they are a temptation and putting ourselves in an occasion of grave sin so directly can be a grave sin.

This is the objective view, so its grave matter, none of us can or should comment on your friends intention or personal culpability. God bless!

If he has no commitment to the girl he is “seriously dating,” there is no sin unless he is lying to these girls. There is a world of difference between dating and the commitment of engagement/marriage.

The real question is: why are you involved in other people’s private lives?

In this case nearly every dating couple in America is in mortal sin. Which pope said this?

Is it wrong to be concerned with the moral well being of your friend? Are we not here to help our fellow man? If not, then in my opinion you are not a good friend, you are just another person in their lives who can care less what he/she does.

We don’t know enough about this relationship, nor should we… this is a highly personal matter and shouldn’t be presented in the third person.

@Monkey Medic

even if so, he should ask. IMHO this thread should be closed.


Mixed Message here… Mortal and Venial though related are certainly not the same severity. Venial may lead to Mortal but never the other way around. You may want to go back and re-read then correct this post
… provided the thread isn’t closed by then.

@Monkey Medic

Agreed on both points esp. the last.

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