What kind of body do Catholics believe Jesus has?

Do Catholics believe that Jesus is still in a human body? Or do they believe that He is in a spiritual form? Or is this something that is debated among Catholic theologians?

Baltimore Catechism:

Q. 408. What do we mean when we say Christ rose “glorious” from the dead?

A. When we say Christ rose “glorious” from the dead we mean that His body was in a glorified state; that is, gifted with the qualities of a glorified body.

**Q. 409. What are the qualities of a glorified body?
A. The qualities of a glorified body are:

  1. Brilliancy, by which it gives forth light;
  2. Agility, by which it moves from place to place as rapidly as an angel;
  3. Subtility, by which material things cannot shut it out;
  4. Impassibility, by which it is made incapable of suffering.
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