What kind of candy are you? (Religious quiz)

Q. How many gods do you believe in?
1 I don’t know if any gods exist
2 I don’t believe in any gods
3 I believe every god exists
4 I believe more than one god exists
5 I believe in only one god

Q. Do you have any tradition or scripture?
1 I don’t have either
2 I have tradition
3 I have scripture
4 I believe scripture alone suffices
5 I have both scripture and tradition

Q. What do you hope for after death?
1 I don’t know
2 I hope for eternal nothingness
3 I hope for eternal torment
4 I hope for a material Paradise
5 I hope for a spiritual Paradise

Q. Do you enjoy praying?
1 I hate prayer
2 I don’t pray
3 I have prayed once or twice
4 I pray but not often
5 I pray frequently

Q. How often do you give to the poor?
1 I don’t care about the poor
2 I care, but not enough to help them out
3 I just pray for them
4 I give alms whenever I feel like it
5 I give alms as often as I’m able to

0-5: Raspberry Lolipop
6-10: Tropical Starbursts
11-15: Peanut M&M’s
16-20: Giant Hershey Bar
21-25: Mixed Candy Pack

Silly Questions:

Wouldn’t scoring a “Mixed Candy Pack” indicate a cafeteria Catholic? Or would you be forced to eat everything in the pack, including Peanut M&Ms for instance, even if you don’t like them?


It’s really interesting to see how people think. Some people naturally look for what’s wrong with something. If it’s new, it must be bad in some way. Somehow that mixed candy bag must be a bad thing.

I think the mixed candy pack means that you get it all!! The fullness of the candy world is yours. You lack nothing. Because of your faith (and true love of candy) all of the glass jars are open to you. Take all you want, and there will always be more–for you and for all.

My score indicates giant Hershey bar, but I always thought of my self as cotton candy in terms of my metaphysical existence. Evanescent

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